Thursday, March 12, 2015


Madonna is really going all out with the releases of her Rebel Heart album. You can buy the regular 14-track edition, the Deluxe 19 track edition or the SUPER Deluxe 25 track edition. There are also some available tracks you can track down for yourself that aren't on any of these editions. I have my sources. Of course, I have all 25 NEW tracks (I'm not counting remixes of Living For Love), so smell me. I have reviewed all the other songs (HERE) and now I bring you the six extra tracks from the super deluxe edition. They are definitely worth a listen and, in certain cases, some of the most fun and different music on the album. Beautiful Scars is a song of self-acceptance. It glides along an easy Pharrell-like beat and delivers a great message. The majestically dramatic Queen sees our lady in an unusually vulnerable place of defeat. It's dark and lovely with a chorus of "the Queen's been slain. She'll never rule again" showing a side of Madonna we don't see very often. It's a really gorgeous song. Borrowed Time is an acoustic driven tune, mid-tempo and melodic. Madonna's voice is smooth and luscious. Delving into a soulful space, Graffiti Heart makes the point that "love is pain, pain is art. Show me your graffiti heart" over an increasing dance beat. This seems pretty autobiographic lyrically, like much of Rebel Heart. Great track. Showing a little sense of humor, a baby's cry is developed into a melody to open the hard dance cut Autotune Baby. This song is  really fun and in line with classic Madonna b-sides like Supernatural. Addicted, not to be confused with my favorite track from MDNA I'm Addicted, is a driving, guitar-laced dance track with a killer synth hook. All of these songs could have easily made it onto the regular edition of Rebel Heart, so look them up and take a listen.

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