Sunday, March 8, 2015


Well today is our first juice fast day and it's a busy one. We woke up at 8 and had to be where my husband was teaching his class by 10 to 10. Thankfully we had picked up the Blueprint one day cleanses the day before. We got there, had our first juice and put the others in a fridge and got them thoughout the day as needed. It was super easy as we were occupied all day from 10 to about 5. The day flew by and I wasn't hungry even once. Once we got to the airport we drank out last of the daily juices a bit early because we couldn't take them through security, but we knew we'd have a tea or something and probably a juice once we got home. So now I sit here at the airport waiting for our flight back home and being so proud of both of us for traveling while on the cleanse. We did it!!! Once we got home (YAY!!) we went straight to the grocery store with bags in tow and got some more assorted nuts, salad stuff and one last juice for the night. I would say, all in all, this was a VERY successful first week of the cleanse. Tomorrow starts Week 2 and I am going to NAIL IT!!

8:30 AM: Green tea w/ Stevia
9:15 AM: Green juice
11:40 AM: Pineapple, apple, mint juice
1:30 PM: Green juice
3:00 PM: Spicy lemonade
4:30 PM: Beet mix juice
5:30 PM: Cashew milk mix
9:00 PM: Green juice

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