Sunday, March 15, 2015


Day 13 was an adventurous one. After a quick cardio workout in the morning and my green juice, we decided to venture out for brunch with some friends, so we headed up to Blossom on Columbus for some vegan delightfulness. I started with a mint tea and some raw sweet potato rolls (like sushi, not biscuits) and had an absolutely delish Southwest quinoa that blew my mind. I have to figure out the recipe, because it was GOOOOOD!! I headed home for a bit and then  ade plans to go visit some of our boys at their place in Soho. I was ready for a snack by that time, so I stopped by Westerly and picked up an Irish Moss to drink (nut milk, cinnamon, agave....great) and a little treat that was a raw cocoa/coconut mound that was so amazing I almost had an orgasm on the subway. I didn't. Don't worry. Afterwards we hung out with some our lovely friends and watched some TV and chatted, we landed on a place to eat dinner. Souen is a macrobiotic restaurant down in Soho and it's great. We started with an amazing string bean app and I had garlic greens and vegetables as my meal. Yum. I finished it was a gluten free green tea/chocolate chip cookie. Yum!!! Finished the evening off hanging out some more and having a green tea before bed. It was nice to go out to some different/new places and open our horizons to new food experiences. I will be hitting those spots again. Day 14 is out second juice fast. Feeling ready!!

8:30 AM: Water w/ lemon and cayenne
9:30 AM: Green juice
11:30 AM: Raw sweet potato roll and Southwest Quinoa
2:30 PM: Cocoa/coconut treat and Irish Moss
5:00 PM: Spicy pickle
7:30 PM: Brussel sprouts, string beans and Garlic greens and veggies
10:30 PM: Green Tea w/ Stevia

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