Monday, March 9, 2015


DAMN, I'M IN A GOOD MOOD TODAY!Woke up this morning at 6:15 for the gym, made myself some water with lemon and cayenne and thought to myself, "it's week two. Time to step on that scale". So I did and, lo and behold, I have shed NINE POUNDS! That is fucking awesome, excuse my French. Nine pounds and I haven't been hungry or lacked energy even once this past week!! Well that motivated me to get my ass to the gym and work out. Checked the temperature and it was 44 already. Oh, this day is going to gooooooood. I had a really great upper body workout, hightailed it back home, made my salad for lunch, packed the amazing trail mix my beautiful husband made for me (we bought about a billion dollars worth of nuts last night) and got out the door. I picked up my green juice from Westerly and went to work. It was so nice out this morning, probably because the universe knows that Madonna's new album is coming out tomorrow and it wants me to be happy in preparation. REBEL HEART!!!! Don't forget. Word. The morning at work was a good. I am still basking in my week of success, so nothing could get me down. I popped up some Bananarama on my phone and worked away. Lunch was a delish and I finished it off with a green tea. Work this afternoon was very, very easy: great judge, short cases, finished early. Glamour!! Had a little time at my desk to get some work done and then headed home for a snack. Had an early salad and now I'm settling down for some RuPaul's Drag Race. Goodnight girl.
Listen to my song of the day below, Bananarama's I Heard A Rumour.
"I am graceful. I am fierce, I am gentle. I am a powerhouse. I am silly. I am serious. I love all my opposites and I am balancing them with ease."

6:15 AM: Water w/ lemon and cayenne
8:00 AM: Green tea w/ Stevia
11:00 AM: Handful of almonds
12:00 PM: Veggie salad w/ guacamole
12:40 PM: Green tea w/ Stevia
2:30 PM: Water w/ lemon and cayenne
5:15 PM: Ten rice crackers w/ hummus
6:30 PM: Veggie quinoa salad
8:30 PM: Green juice

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