Monday, August 31, 2009


IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!! Whitney Houston's new album, I Look To You, is finally here!!!
You can get it today on iTunes. Whitney is back and ready to take on the world. Upon first listen, I really like the album. Whit's voice sounds a little grittier and deeper, but still soulful, emotional and worth a listen. Get on your dumb computer and get this album or she might get back on the crack pipe again! No one wants that, despite the comic gold it produced. (Miss you, Maya Rudolph) Whitney has been a diva since the release of her first album in the mid-80s with such hits as You Give Good Love, How Will I Know, I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me), Love Will Save the Day, I'm Your Baby Tonight, I Will Always Love You, I Have Nothing, My Love is Your Love, I Learned From the Best, and other ones I am too tired of typing to mention. AND THEN OF COURSE THERE'S THIS, MY FAVORITE HIT OF ALL!!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

CHIGGY WIGGY!! Kylie Does Bollywood Good

No idea why this is being done, but I love it. How cute is Kylie? I love her like Mariah loves anything edible.


I am gayer than a clutch purse on Tony night, but it seems Amanda Seyfried (MAMMA MIA..HELLO!!!) and Megan Fox (whatever) are going to Ellen-it-up in their new film Jennifer's Body. It's a dark comedy/horror film by Diablo Cody (Juno, United States of Tara). Sounds fun!! Nothing better than two (pretty, skinny) girls pretending to be lesbians for the sake of entertainment. Although I support lesbianism, I do firmly believe that the only thing worse than one vagina is TWO! Ha. JK!!!! Anyway, apparently Megan was supes onboard for the whole tongue touching, but she claims Amanda was a bit uncomfortable and giggled a lot. [Source] Probably because Megan was trying to eat her talent. Anyhoosers, I guess Megan talked her through it because the movie is coming out September 18th and I can't wait. Diablo Cody used to be a stripper. Just had to throw that in.


In early 1989 Madonna decided to make a little masterpiece and blow my 17 year-old mind. "Like a Prayer" was a gospel inspired, enchanting song about how her lover's voice sounded....well, you know how it goes. The song came out to radio in February and was used in a Pepsi ad depicting Madonna as a little girl on her birthday. Very cute and innocent and a great little commercial. THEN THE SHIT HIT THE FAN!!!! Madonna released the video. Burning crosses, stigmata, a black Jesus, rape, stabbing. Oh, my!!! It was HEAVEN!!!! Of course everyone went batshit crazy. People started threatening to boycott Pepsi, so they stopped airing the commercial (pusses). Consequently, Madonna got to keep the 5 million dollars she was paid (cha-ching) for the spot and the video is on just about every "most kick ass videos in history" list you can find (suck it). The delicious controversy turned the song into an epic event. It was a number one hit and sold 5 million copies worldwide at the time of it's release. Arguably one of the most inspired songs of her career, "Like a Prayer" is a little slice of pop music history that will live on and on and on .......

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Since a certain gigantically fat, unfunny, recently beaten-down blogger has waged an unfair, mean-spirited war against one of my favorite artists, Lily Allen, I am going to post a beautiful picture I took of her at her concert here in NYC and a video for her newest single "22". Lily was soooo great in concert and really gave it her all for her fans. She is sassy, loud, funny, and above all, talented. So here's to Lily Allen and don't listen to the haters, they're just jealous. By the way, she is lookin' good these days.

Scissor Sisters News!!

One of my favorite bands, Scissor Sisters, is hard at work on a new album and it's being produced, according to German newspaper Taggespeigel, by none other than Stuart Price! Stuart was the genius who worked with Madge on her Confessions album. YEAH!!! This is gonna be good, ya'll. Scissor Sisters have released two albums and had hits such as Comfortably Numb, Take Your Mama Out, Laura, I Don't Feel Like Dancin', and Kiss You Off.

Anderson Cooper rips Heidi Montag a new one

THIS IS INCREDIBLICIOUS!!! Anderson Cooper (who is in love with my BTW) rips Heidi's "performance" at the Miss Universe Pageant. He talks about her thanking God on twitter. It is hilarically hysterious!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


In 1985, Prince created a side project that many of his fans believe was his most successful, albeit shortlived, of his many 80s experiments. The Family was formed from members of the Time after Morris Day's exit from that band. Jellybean Johnson, Jerome Benton and Paul Peterson all joined, with Paul being the lead singer. Susannah Melvoin, Prince's fiance at the time and twin sister of his AMAZY guitarist Wendy, also joined as backup singer and keyboardist. Eric Leeds rounded out the group on sax. The band released only one album and one single and video for "The Screams of Passion" before Paul, remaned St. Paul by Prince, decided Prince had too much control over the music and left, thus ending the group. Their album is REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD THOUGH!!! It is especially noteworthy for containing the first recorded version of "Nothing Compares 2 U", later made famous by Sinead O'Connor. The songs are funky and it's all very Prince-ish. NOW, fast forward some 24 years, and the Family are putting out more music, but this time as fdeluxe. Name change for a new start. They have a rough mix of a new song identified as "@8" (you can download it for free here) and it's pretty good and you can hear the influence from their earlier work, which is a great thing. Anyway, if you like Prince (Old Prince) check it out. Here is what Susannah and St. Paul look like now.

Celebration CD/DVD Track Listing Announced.

[Source] The track listing for the's career-spanning greatest his package, Celebration, has been released. (Wouldn't "The Bible" been an awesome title? That's what I'm calling it from now on.) The CD spans two discs and the DVD has 47 videos!!!! I am on this like stink on shit!!!! Here is the listing:

CD 1: Hung Up, Music, Vogue, 4 Minutes, Holiday, Everybody, Like a Virgin, Into the Groove, Like a Prayer, Ray of Light, Sorry, Express Yourself, Open Your Heart, Borderline, Secret, Erotica, Justify My Love, Revolver*

CD 2: Dress You Up, Material Girl, La Isla Bonita, Papa Don't Preach, Lucky Star, Burning Up, Crazy For You, Who's That Girl, Frozen, Miles Away, Take a Bow, Live To Tell, Beautiful Stranger, Hollywood, Die Another Day, Don't Tell Me, Cherish, Celebration*

DVD: Burning Up, Lucky Star, Borderline, Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Crazy For You, Into the Groove, Live To Tell, Papa Don't Preach, True Blue, Open Your Heart, La Isla Bonita, Who's That Girl, Like a Prayer, Express Yourself, Cherish, Vogue, Justify My Love, Erotica, Deeper and Deeper, Rain, I'll Remember, Secret, Take a Bow, Bedtime Story, Human Nature, I Want You, You'll See, Frozen, Ray of Light, The Power of Goodbye, Beautiful Stranger, American Pie, Music, Don't Tell Me, What It Feels Like for a Girl, Die Another Day, Hollywood, Love Profusion, Hung Up, Sorry, Get Together, Jump, 4 Minutes, Give It 2 Me, Miles Away, Celebration*

This is great. I will be so happy to have all these videos on one DVD. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! The video for Celebration will be on iTunes September 1st for purchase and I the picture on this post is a screencap from the video.

*New Song

Slutty Girls I Like: Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O'Day is a slut I like. I don't know why, but there is something really cool about her sluttiness. I guess it's just that "I'm-going -to-be -amous-so-say-what-you-want" attitude. She rose to "fame" on Making the Band 3 on MTV. She was the first girl picked for the group Danity Kane and was the breakout star of the show. This, of course, caused tension because some of the other girls were jealous. Diddy himself seemed to resent the attention she got and fired her buxom bootie from the group. Well, guess what!! Aubrey is doing just fine. She landed a role in Hairspray on Broadway, has shown boobage in Playboy (and just about everywhere else), has made all kinds of "sexiest" lists, recorded a couple of buzz cuts to hype a future solo album, and, bless her, will go to the opening of an envelope if cameras are there. So HERE'S TO YOU, AUBREY O'DAY! You keep slathering on the make-up and wearing next-to-nothing outfits. Your sluttiness is a virtue. Check out the song
Not Fallin' (featuring a sample from Bizarre Love Triangle). It's kinda hot.

Katy weighs in on Gaga's penis....or doesn't.

According to MTV news, Katy Perry is denying that she told the British press that the whole "Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite" thing is "calculated". In a supposed interview with the Mirror, Katy ALLEGEDLY told them this was the case. She is now saying that she never said it and she was, in fact, on a plane all day from Australia, so there was no way she could have given them an interview that day anyhoo. Whether she said it or not, it wouldn't be THAT far off to think someone would use this type of publicity. I mean, it's not like Gaga is Celine Dion or something. OMG!! Wouldn't it be funny if Celine had a disco stick? But I digress. I love Katy AND I love Gaga. The press is trying to turn them into the next Hilary and Lindsey rivalry. Remember that? Good times. Click the names for a video. :P

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So this past weekend I spent some time at the ATP Masters Tournament in Cincinnati. I have never been to watch tennis before, so it was a new experience. I had soooo much fun!!! We were at the men's finals. The women's were the week before, but, as my boyfriend pointed out to his parents (who were our amazing hosts BTW) it was okay because "we like men". Um, did you guys know that tennis players are amazeness with asses of death? It's all true. The tickets to the left are from each day and they contain the pics (left to right) of Novak Djokovic (superduper hot), Roger Federer (cute, but not super), Rafael Nadal (angry hotness), and Andy Murrray (British mega hot rod). Federer and Djokovic played for the title and Federer won. I guess it's fair because Djokovic is hotter. Right? Isn't that how it works? Anyway, it was a wonderful weekend and tennis is amazy.


Since I was out of town last Friday (seeing the ATP Tennes Tourny in and hot tennis player pics to come)I missed my Madonna Friday post. here it is:
RAIN is one of the bestestest songs ever by This song is from Madge's 1992 album Erotica (also one of her best) and is simply gorge!! It's Gorge Washington; Gorge Jefferson; Gorge of the Jungle. GORGEOUS!! If you don't like this song you are either deaf or you should be. I probably listened to this song on repeat about a million times when I first got the album, and I have consistently loved it ever since. Probably my second fave Madge overall. Take a listen and look-see at the video here. Interesting fact: The video was shot in black and white and then hand painted, frame by frame. Really beautiful colors and texture. Madonna, of course, looks beyond stunning. Enjoy Rain or don't ever speak to me again.

New Madonna Promo for Greatest Hits "Celebration"

AWESOMENESS!!!!!! Queen Madge has just released a promo for Celebration, her upcoming, career-spanning greatest hits album. It is going to rock your balls, so get ready.

Well, wadya think? I can't wait to get the album and the two new songs and sleep with it for the rest of my life.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Mariah Carey, or Fatriah Scary, has "snubbed" the Grammies by releasing her album one day after the cut off to be eligible for this years' awards. Um...okay. Jam! is reporting that the 39 year-old ex-talented singer was reportedly tired of being disappointed (she's won 5 awards out of 21 nominations. Poor Mariah, only 5 awards!!) so she has withdrawn herself from consideration. Was she disappointed because they weren't edible? I have a feeling this next album, like the last one, is going to be a big stinker. I mean it's called Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. REALLY? Really. I guess we won't be treated to a "performance" of Mariah walking around the stage like a zombie version of Jabba the Hut whispering some crappy song we're supposed to like and lip-synching to the high notes. Dratz!!!!! Maybe next year.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great New Photo Site

There is a very cool new site that takes your photos and turns them into old-looking polaroid photos. It is really neat and brings back lots of memories of the olden days. (I'm 100) I put an example of me as a child on here so it would look super 80s. Enjoy and visit the site here.


Okay, like, OMG, do you totes remember Wilson Phillips? They were only the best thing to come out of music in 1990 and I was obessified with them to the max. (why am I talking this way.) They came on my iPod this morning, so I thought I'd share them with you. Wilson Phillips consisted of three women, all from rock royalty. Chyna Phillips, daughter of John and Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and Papas, and Carnie and Wendy Wilson, daughters of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. I knew them as Pretty, Fat and the Other One. Their videos usually consisted of Chyna and Wendy in short skirts and Carnie wearing a harp or piano or just being shot from the face up. She did have a pretty face though. (I think I'm required by law to say that) They came out with their first, self-titled album in 1990. It reached #2 on the Billboard 200 and spawned a string of hits including Hold On (#1), Release Me (#1), Impulsive (#4), You're In Love (#1) and The Dream Is Still Alive (#12). At the time, this was the best selling album by an all female group, breaking a record previously held by the supremes. . It sold 5 millions copies in the US alone and over 10 million copies worldwide.

Their next album was 1992's Shadows and Light. This was a much more personal album dealing with issues like child abuse and estrangement from Carnie and Wendy's father. This album, albeit pretty great, did not fare as well as their debut. It peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200 and produced two top 40 hits with You Won't See Me Cry (#20) and Give It Up (#30). (Side note, I wrote a stirring parady of You Won't See Me Cry called You Won't See Hairpie. It was genius. Maybe I'll share it one day. Maybe not. We'll see.) After the release, and what was perceived as disappointing album sales, the girls took a break and Chyna did a solo album and the Wilsons did some recording on their own. They basically broke up. Finally, in 2004, after a long hiatus, Wilson Phillips released an album of beautiful covers. Their album, California, paid tribute to songs from mostly the 60s and 70s by artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Linda Ronstadt and the Mamas and Papas. Their cover of Go Your Own Way was a hit on the AC charts and the album made it's way into the top 40. The covers on the album are great, especially Old Man, You're No Good, and Doctor My Eyes. This also marks the first album after Carnie's dramatic weight loss, so she didn't have to wear a tuba or gigantic bass drum in front of her body for the videos. If you click on the most of the songs I have included links to their videos. So enjoy the dulcet tones of Wilson Phillips. Love!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Since the new season of Project Runway is FINALLY starting this Thursday on Lifetime, has written a nice little feature with some of the past contestants asking questions like: favorite judge, favorite contestant from another season, and BEST OF ALL favorite villian. There's some really cute pictures and some interesting answers. I won't ruin it for you, but you can see the article here. It's really fun. I personally always loved the a-door-bell Daniel Vosovic and the best villian was FOR SURE the talent-challenged Wendy Pepper. Remember to watch Project Runway this Thursday at 10 PM on Lifetime. YEAH!!!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


There's recently been a lot of attention about this casting director, Daryl Eisenberg, tweeting about performers during casting sessions. Or should I say TWATING. This "human being" said some pretty nasty and VERY specific things about actors, allegedly after they had left the room. Things like, "Your skirt makes me think you're Wiccan...", which I assume could be easily identified to someone who was there that day, at least by the person wearing the skirt. As a former performer myself, I can say this "woman" is a super-asshole!! Who in their right mind in her position would think it's appropriate to talk shit about people who are, in this horrible economy, coming in to pour out their heart and soul in an audition for the hope of making a living for a little while. Everyone should go on her twitter page and let her know exactly how they feel about what a disgusting excuse for a person she is. Shame on you, Daryl. As Marc Shaiman, a noted Tony award winning composer said, and I paraphrase, I HOPE anyone else with a show to cast would never employ a casting agency that allowed that behavior. Apparently she has agreed not to tweet from the audition room anymore, but why was she stupid enough to do it in the first place.

Sunday, August 16, 2009




On Saturday my boyfriend and I went, excitedly, to see 500 days of Summer. He has a thing for Joseph Gordon-Levitt and we both like Zooey Deschanel (you know, the girl that looks like Katy Perry, but shorter with less boobage). HE loved it. I liked it. It is a boy meets girl story with a twist, but I was put off by the SPOILER ALERT way Summer lead Tom on. I think it was just too close to home for most people who have been strung along at some point. I kinda hated her character (but YES, I do like Zooey). It's worth seeing and, to be fair, almost everyone else I know who has seen it has really, really liked it. So if you like indie flicks about manipulative, sneaky whores who sting along cute guys and make them feel bad, then you will LOVE this film. :)
Sunday my lovey-dovey was out of town, and he had already seen it, so I went to see District 9. I assumed this was going to be the run of the mill SciFi movie, but it is so much more. It has a lot of interesting things to say about prejudice and politics and the way we see our own world. The special effects are sooo good that you completely forget they are special effects. There are some nice gross-out kind of things going on, but you do feel a connection with the characters and it keeps your attention and keeps moving for the entire couple of hours. The aliens are called "prawns" and you will see why. It took me a while to quit laughing everytime they said it though. All in all, I would say it's worth a looky-loo. :)

Friday, August 14, 2009


Watching "Big" with Tom Hanks. I think, back in the day, Tom Hanks might have been the Ryan Reynolds of the 80s. I know, he didn't have a body of death, but he was supercute and hot as a two-dollar pistol!! Such a great movie and Elizabeth Perkins ass wasn't ass big as a house then. YEAH!! I like my girls on the cusp of organ failure, so..... Anyway, the movie makes me miss the innocence of youth....well, as innocent as I ever was anyway. It's on HBO on demand now.

Recipe for a Friday

Click on the links to follow the recipe.
First: Second:
Then many more:
Then a couple shots of:
And finally:



Lucky Star is the first song of Madonna's that I was OBSESSED with. I remember dancing around my room for hours trying to do the "Madonna kick" (that's what my friend Traci and I called the hitch kick) from the video. I have often cited Madonna as being responsible for just how gay I am, (I believe I once was quoted as saying "Madonna is my gayness") and this song is a BIG part of that. It's a classic, the video is a classic, and just look at that hair!! YEAH!! Check out the video !!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lady Gaga on the cover of OUT!!!! Yeaaahhhh!!!

The greatest thing in all of god's gayness has happened. Lady Gaga is on the cover and in the pages of OUT magazine!!!! The cover is inspired by 50s horror films and so are the photos inside. You HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO check it out. Her support for the gay community is fabulositious and we need to give it right back. After all, we had some fun, her beat IS sick. We wanna take a right on her (alleged) disco stick. HEY! Here's a little article from her myspace blog. GO OUT AND BUY OUT see see all the crazamazy pics of La Ga!!! BTWs, what is your favorite Lady Gaga song? Mine is Starstuck. I love that song more than most people I know.

Rebbie Jackson lays the smack down...ALLEGEDLY!!!

According to a very very reputable report in the National Enquirer, Rebbie Jackson has a beat down with MJ's nanny. The best part is the lovely visual my friend Patrick sent to me. I attached a link to the article. (


United States of Tara on DVD....YEAH!!!!!

If you go to iTunes now ( you can dowload the entire first season of The United States of Tara. This show is super wonderful and should not be missed. Toni Collette plays a mom with a sort-of multiple personality disorder that is trying to stay off meds and be a wife/mother/sister. She plays several different parts of herself and the show is funny and moving and all around perf. They also have a really great actor playing Tara's gay teenage son that is truly stupendous!


The Ting Tings are a British band I have been following for a while now. I hear a couple of their songs in commercials and on promos for TV shows (and you have too) and I HAD to find out who they were. Turns out their album, We Started Nothing, is pretty freaking awes from S-to-F!!! They have a single on the charts right now called That's Not My Name (here's a link to the video: that is supes gravey!!! Check them out. I saw them on tour with my gfs Vanessa and Nicole and we had SOOOOO much fun. Granted, we were a wee bit intoxicated and one of us may have become a mother, but that is beside the point. Enjoy The Ting Tings.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


In case you would like to leave a comment on this blog, you can go under the post where it says "comments" and click on it. When the new page opens it will have a place that says "comment as" and a dropdown box. Choose NAME/URL and you can enter your name. As long as you are on the same computer, you can use that name (yours or one of your choosing) to leave comments. I would love to hear from all of you, so please FREAKIN' DO IT!!! :o)

Pretzel Crisps Buffalo

Oh, baby, baby!! These are the best things since Diet Coke with Lemon! If you eat just one of these, your mouth will quake and shake and give you the best big O' evs!!! I tried them at my boyfriend's parents' house the first time and almost shat myself in front of his whole family. I didn't though, as I was choosing not to make "that" kind of first impression. I excused myself and shat out in the yard like civilized people. I kid, I kid. Or do I? The world may never know. Anyway, eat them or you are a communist.

Nurse Jackie crackie me up....

I cannot tell you how much I am obssessed with Nurse Jackie!!! Anyone
who is not watching should immediately start, like, yesterday! This show is on ShoTime and stars the incomparable and uber-masculine Edie Falco. BTW, has anyone else notices her eyes are GINORMAL!!! Anyhooters, it's about a tough-as-nails nurse working in an ER. At first you think she is just this flawed woman engaged in a relationship with the pharmasist at the hospital to satiate her addiction to Vicodin (among other drugs), but at the end of the first episode you learn there's a little more to it. It's so nice to watch a show about a real person with real flaws and real issues. You literally don't get through one episode without loving and hating every character at some point. I really think that this show, True Blood and United States of Tara have brought back the old SATC days to televsion. You should really catch up on it. There are only two more this season!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thank you for drinkin' a friend.....

I want to thank my friend Patrick ( sending me this delicioius pic. How funny is this?!!???!!!!!

Lady Gaga, Paparazzi

Have you seen the new video for Paparazzi by Lady Gaga? It is supes amazy!!! You must take a look-see. It's an epic story of love, lust, betrayal and weird-ism. As a bone-us Alexander Skarsgard (the yummola Eric from True Blood) is her "love interest" in the short flick. Lady Gaga is so cool. I love everything she has done, and whether she has a teeny weenie or not (she doesn't!! c'mon) I am obsessed with her! I hope she does have a penis. THERE! I SAID IT!!! Anyway, here's a link to Lady Gaga's Paparazzi vid. ( ) AND you can buy it on iTunes (and you should). Did you notice I'm in the pic above? Hilrarical!!!!

This is a first draft of a little something I'm working on for my insignia. :) What do you think? I drew it on my iPhone.

Madonna, Celebration,. Don't be a loser

Okay, people. I am seeing that some of you don't get it, so I'll spell it out for you. Not to ovrestate it, but MADONNA IS THE MOST IMPORTANT HUMAN BEING EVER TO TOUCH FOOT ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. A few people (I won't name any names because the mentally challenged shouldn't be derided publicly) are saying they don't get it. That's it sounds old school. DUH!!! This is the first single off of her third greatest hits package WHICH encompasses her entire career thus far. It is paying homage to all the BRILLIANT pop songs Madge has recorded over the past 27 years of her AMAZY career. It's a club song that harkens back to "Into the Groove" and "Deeper and Deeper". It's all about a party (Celebration...HELLO!!). Now, I would like you all to harken unto my voice. You will buy this song. You will go to iTunes and purchase it immediately. Try to remember all the good times Madonna has given you: Lucky Star; Like a Virgin; Dress You Up; Open Your Heart; True Blue; Causin' a Commotion; Express Yourself; Vogue; Erotica; Human Nature; Ray of Light; Beautiful Stranger; Music; Die Another Day; Hung Up; Jump; 4 Minutes. C'mon!!! What's your faves Madge song? ANSWER ME NOW!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

They're bringing sexy...OOOPS, broke a hip.

The people over at Nerve have listed the 21 sexiest elderly people. Here are some of my faves with a link at the end so you can check it all out.

20) George Takei, AKA Sulu from Star Trek. I love it because he is an out gay man, so that's sexy.

15) Patrick Stewart, another Star Trek legend. Patrick should be much higher on this list. He is still sex on a stick. He can beam up my scotty any time. Shut up. I said it. Shut up.

11) Judy Dench, or as I like to call her "BIG BOOTIE JUDY!!" Yep, she is a sexy old broad for sure. She even gets to boss James Bond around.

9) Ian McKellen. YEAH!! The second gay on the list. I think Ian is supes hot! I mean, how hot was it when he kissed Frodo in LOTR? That never happened? Oh. Well. He SHALL pass as far as I'm concerned.

3) Tina Turner. She has still got it...and then some. Tina is a rock legend and has some of the most famous legs in the business. You can't top her....or maybe you can. Strong, fearless and she can take a punch. Go ahead, Tina!!

1) Robert Redford. REALLY? Still? I don't know about all that. He is lookin' a little worse-for-the-wear. When I see his face Texas Chainsaw Masacre comes to mind for some reason. I'm gonna pass on that one. Thanks.

Aside from RR, there were some questionable choices on the list: i.e.
14) Gloria Steinem
12) Jack Nicholson
But all in all, a pretty good list. Check out the link below.

Julie & Julia....

Look, I am not saying that this movie was perfect. It was pointed out to me quite clearly by the people with whom I went to see it. But let's make one thing clear: Meryl Streep is the shit. Okay!! I mean the woman could win an Oscar doing a tampon commercial and we all know it. She is, once again, a revelation in this movie. If you don't like her in it, you are a douche of the highest degree. She plays, of course, Julia Child, the beloved chef and television personality. Her dead-on impression is amazing, but more than that, the subtleties of her performance are glory-holiouis! She says with one look what it would take Megan Fox at least a four hour movie to say. (She would have to learn to walk and talk at the same time for the first three hours and fifty-nine minutes, then deliver a line in the last one) If the movie were JUST about Julia, it would be great. Now, having said that, I LOVE Amy Adams as well. She is cute, likable, and a very good actress. This is pretty much a thankless role for her. She gets to cry and complain a bit, but there is not a lot for her to do otherwise. She is very believable, except for the fact that she is supposed to be turning 30 in this film. I mean, c'mon. Really? 30? She looks good and all, but..... Anyhoo, long story short, this film was enjoyable. LONG, but enjoyable. I think you should give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen? When it was over we all went for French food and cocktails. See, all's well that ends well.