Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Janet Jackson's image was drastically changed with the release of 1993's janet.  No long just the cute little sister next door, Janet was now a sexual, empowered woman willing to tell you exactly what she wanted. The second single from the smash album was If.  Overtly sexual lyrics ("your smooth and shiny feels so good against my lips, sugar") and raunchy dance moves set the mood for one of Janet's most distinctive and celebrated videos of all time. Directed by Dominic Sena and choreographed by Tina Landon, the clip is set in an Asian club where people flirt virtually through computer screens and hook up in the back,  If also highlights some of Janet's most iconic dance moves. The track hit #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Hot Dance Club Play chart. Most definitely one of Janet's biggest hits, If is probably her sexiest as well. Check out the clip and, just to keep in in theme, hump something Asian.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Great new song and adorable video from adorable Pharrell. It Girl is the 4th single from his album G I R L and the video is a crazy, anime/video-game hybrid that is sure to please, not to mention the smooth, sexy groove of the song, one of the standouts on the album IMO. Enjoy!


MY CUP RUNNETH OVER!! Prince, his Purple Badness, has blessed his subjects with not 1, but 2 new albums today!!! Unbelievable! Technically ART OFFICIAL AGE is a new Prince album and PLECTRUMELECTRUM is Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL, his new backing band, but c''s Prince. 2 very diverse albums full of pretty much every kind of Prince U would want. Let's start with ART OFFICIAL AGE. It is a concept album about a man in suspended animation for 45 years (get it...artificial official age) who is awoken by a British computer 2 explore this very different world. Prince often uses these segues in albums between songs 2 set up a theme, but don't let it throw U off, ART OFFICIAL AGE is pure Prince pop joy. The album literally starts with a bang when the title track jumps off, all big beats and making it clear that Prince is about 2 serve up his most commercial music in years. If U remember Prince's chart topping heydays, that is a great thing. There is a slick guitar-driven pop sensibility that runs throughout the entire album from the neo-soul groove and claps on the amazing CLOUDS 2 Controversy-era throwback funk joint THE GOLD STANDARD. 2 standouts have to be the beautiful ballad BREAKDOWN, which recalls Prince's psychedelic Around The World In a Day scorcher Condition of the Heart, and U KNOW, the sexiest song Prince has done since Cream. The whole album is a masterclass in hooks. It's the perfect blend of classic Prince with his feet planted firmly in the future. U'll hear some different sounds from Prince on WAY BACK HOME and WHAT IT FEELS LIKE, but plenty of Sign 'O' The Times-era on tracks like FUNKROLL and 90s smooth ballad Prince (a la Diamonds and Pearls and Peach) on TIME and THIS COULD BE US. Overall, this is the Prince pop-driven album U have been waiting 4 since the early 90s, in my opinion. Now turning 2 PLECTRUMELECTRUM with 3RDEYEGIRL, Hannah Ford Welton on drum, bass player Ida Nielsen and guitarist Donna Grantis. The album starts off with some hard guitar riffs that turn N2 a bluesy, Beatles-esque burner WOW and makes it obvious this is going to be a very different Prince than ART OFFICIAL AGE. It's quite a start 2. The album keeps shocking UR body with the excellent rock track PRETZELBODYLOGIC, a song that I set as my alarm every morning because it gets my ass out of bed. Prince lets the ladies in 3RDEYEGIRL take the mic on a couple of tracks, and although I prefer only Prince on my Prince albums, the songs stand up quite well. I certainly don't know these ladies as well as Prince's most famous female band members, the amazing Wendy and Lisa from The Revolution, but maybe I will in time. (THIS JUST IN: I WON'T! I'm obsessed with Wendy and Lisa) Still their leading turns on AINTTURNINROUND, the rock/rap hybrid BOYTROUBLE and the truly mesmerizing slow jam WHITECAPS, which may just be the standout track on the album, are worthy of place in the Prince pantheon of excellent album cuts. While not as glittery and shiny as ART OFFICIAL AGE, if U like UR Prince rock hard, PLECTRUMELECTRUM's rousing instrumental title track and the guitar jam FIXURLIFEUP will more than satisfy your thirst. There R some easy grooves thrown N 2 give U a break, like STOPTHISTRAIN, a duet between Prince and the ladies, ANOTHERLOVE, which draws easy comparison 2 Prince & The Revolution's Anotherloverholenyohead from their amazing 1986 Parade album, one of Prince's funkiest, sexiest mid-80s efforts, and the dreamy TICTACTOE. PLECTRUMELECTRUM delivers Prince's finest rock performance in ages.  I'm telling U, these 2 records R a return to form for one of the most prolific, genius and celebrated artists of the rock era. There are songs on these records that will take you right back to rocking out in your room to Let's Go Crazy or Kiss, and swooning to The Beautiful Ones or I Hate U. Everything you want in 2 easy packages. ART OFFICIAL AGE and PLECTRUMELECTRUM R both available on iTunes 2day!! GET THEM! I'm N heaven!!! Listen to the gorgeous WHITECAPS below.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Lorde is three-years-old and she is in charge of curating the next soundtrack to the top movie franchise in the world. What a bitch, right? Ha. JK!! She is going to nail it, I'm sure, and here is the first song released from the soon-to-be number one soundtrack (yes, I'm calling it), Lords own Yellow Flicker Beat. Her first release outside of her huge debut album, Pure Heroine, it has a similar dark sound but definitely a little more electronic and a step away sonically from prior singles. Seems to be a good fit for the film and I'm sure we will be hearing a lot of it in the next few months. Daddy like! The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 is out November 21st, the soundtrack will be released November 18th.


Did you know that five years ago today Madonna released her most thorough video compilation of her career, Celebration? Well, now you do. The collection contained  47 of Madonna's greatest videos since the beginning of her career, starting with 1982's Burning Up and ending with her newest single at the time, Celebration. This was Madonna's 40th #1 song on the Billboard dance chart. Well, in celebration of Celebration, here is today's Happy Monday Song for you. Enjoy and....well......celebrate.

Friday, September 26, 2014


Madonna has many, many classic songs, but high -- WAY high on that list would sit a little song I like to call (because it's the name of the song) Into the Groove. Jebus lawd, this song is A-MAH-ZING!!! What most people DON'T realize is that it was never actually released as a single in the U.S. It was merely a B-side to Madonna's song Angel, which was the third single from her Like a Virgin album. Her record company released it as a B-side so it wouldn't compete with the songs on her LAV album, but also to promote her film debut in Desperately Seeking Susan. The song did get a single release in the UK, reaching #1 in the summer of 1985, and in many other countries around the world. It also reached #1 on the US Dance chart along with Angel as a double A side release. Into The Groove is without a doubt a highlight in not only Madonna's long career, but in the dance music genre in general, changing the beat and sound of the 80s. The music video is made up of clips from Madonna's first starring role in Desperately Seeking Susan, and shows THE early image of Madge's early career that made her a phenomenon. Madonna still performs it in concert, most notably on her Sticky & Sweet Tour where she sang it while doing double-dutch. She's over 55, people!! Deal with it. Anyway, here is the classic song Into the Groove, AND as a bonus the performance from Sticky & Sweet Tour Love love love it!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Hilary Duff has a new album coming out, y'all!! I know, it's not 2005, but I'm still excited. Here is the video/Amazon phone ad for her second single, All About You, from her upcoming as-yet-unnamed album. Her last single, Chasing the Sun, and this song take a much more guitar-based, acoustic direction than her last album, the amazing Dignity from way back in 2007. This video does, however, show off some sexy moves from the Duffster. Damn she's pretty!!! The song is pretty catchy too, I must admit. Watch All About You and see for yourself if Lizzie McGuire still has it. Looking forward to the new album.


Not happy with the season two casting of Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell? Worry not, the perfect alternative is here starring diminutive stars Kate Mara and Ellen Page, Tiny Detectives. Funny or Die bring you the riveting trailer about Kate, 5'2", and Ellen, 5'1", as they try to solve crimes way to big for them to reach. This is hilarious, y'all!! I am one of the few that didn't actually see a single episode of True Detective. I KNOW, I KNOW!! But I am officially burnt out on Matthew McConaughey and season 2 has Vince Vaughn, whom I consider human ipecac, so I won't be catching that one either. If I want to see Colin Farrell (THIS JUST IN: I always want to see Colin Farrell) there are much better, more naked things to watch him do. Tiny Detectives is obviously just a funny skit, but I would totally watch it!!


The Pointer Sisters are one of my favorite singing groups EVER!! These bitches could S-A-N-G. Starting off in the early 70s singing updated big band style, the Sisters (Anita, Ruth, Bonnie and June) eventually whittled down the a trio (bye Bonnie) and established themselves as accomplished singers in almost every genre, from their country hits, Grammy Award winning Fairytale and Live Your Life Before You Die, to their covers of Slow Hand and Fire, to their biggest mainstream hits like I'm So Excited, Jump, Neutron Dance and He's So Shy. Their 1983 album Breakout had four Top 10, classic 80s hits, went triple platinum and was the Thriller of non-Thriller hit machines. I don't know what that means either, but I'm sticking to it. The Sisters eventually tuckered out on the charts but have continued performing, although June, who sang lead on most of the trio's biggest hits, passed away in 2006. Their music lives on, especially on my gym mix, and these songs are all classics. Enjoy some Pointer Sisters today and get your day going! FUN FACT: The video for I'm So Excited has an excellent table flip that puts Teresa Guidice to shame!! ha!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Barbra Streisand doesn't need to do anything, thank you very much. Babs could sit back and polish those exquisite nails with $100 bills all day and still make more money than you. She doesn't feel like it though. She would rather put out an album of duets, called Partners, and crush the competition (namely that douchebag Chris Brown, whose new album X will debut at #2) by hitting #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart for the 10th time in her career selling a whopping 196,000 albums. Streisand now holds the record for posting a #1 album on the chart for SIX CONSECUTIVE DECADES!! What? Yes, her first #1 album, People, was in 1964 followed by 1974's The Way We Were, 1976's A Star Is Born, 1978's Greatest Hits: Vol. 2,  1980's Guilty, 1985's The Broadway Album, 1993's Back To Broadway, 1997's Higher Ground, 2009's Love Is The Answer and now Partners. She is tied for the most #1 albums in third place with Elvis and Bruce Springsteen, only bested by The Beatles, who have 19, and Jay-Z, who has 13. Work, Babs!! You get to hear Barbra call Babyface by his real name and say "Waiting to Exhale" in the most Barbra way imaginable, as if we'd never heard of it before. CLASSIC DIVA!! Here is the trailer for the making of Partners which is now available everywhere!!


Oh, sexy, sexy Kylie, I love you. Kylie Minogue has been one of the longest lasting pop diva sex symbols in the history of music, and this song is one of the most sensual treats she's ever laid on our wanton earballs. Chocolate was the third single released from Kylie's 2003 R&B tinged album Body Language and it became her 27th top ten single in the UK when it debuted at #6. Featuring lyrics comparing the love she is getting from her man-whore to melting chocolate, the tune is a mid-tempo aural-gasm and the accompanying video, inspired by old MGM musicals from the 1940s, finds Kylie wearing several different costumes, doing a sexy dance with a hot-ass man, and looking glam in general. Hot damn, this is a good package! While not one of Kylie's biggest hits, I personally believe that Chocolate is a standout in the cannon of KM's output over the span of her long career. Give sexy credit where sexy credit it due! Enjoy Chocolate and hump a Hershey bar.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


.....Release Me by Wilson Phillips. You guys, Wilson Phillips was an actual thing and I love them. The three girls who all came from rock royalty (Carnie and Wendy Wilson were the daughters of Beach Boy Brian Wilson and Chynna Phillips shot from the loins of John and Michelle Phillips of the Mamas & the Papas) wrote an album full of tight vocal harmonies and hook after hook after hook with a little help from pre-Alanis mega-producer Glen Ballard. First single, Hold On, had already topped the charts in June of 1990, and then just three months later the second single, the more pensive Release Me, notched up another #1 for the group. These bitches were on a roll, y'all! Release Me took the top spot on September 15, 1990 and stayed for two weeks before giving it up to another band of rock progeny, Nelson (the twin sons of Rick Nelson) who scored with (Can't Love With Your) Love and Affection.  (I can't with those boys' 90s hair) Release Me ended up at #19 on the Billboard year end chart (Hold On was #1) and one of the group's most popular songs. I think it's 90s-tastic. They scored a third and final #1 song from their debut album in April '91 with You're In Love. That songs makes my ears vomit, but I digress. The video for Release Me is pretty standard, the girls look forlorn yet sensual? while singing in a multi-million-dollar glass mansion. Carnie is, of course, wearing a piano since the record company apparently couldn't find nice clothes in her size. Ugh. Anyhoo, here is Wilson Phillips with the #1 song from 24 years ago today, Release Me.


Sharon Needles' album PG-13 just might be the Thriller of all drag-queen albums!! The album was released in January 2013 and is now on its fifth single!! I Wish I Were Amanda Lepore is about exactly  what it sounds like, the self-proclaimed "number one transexual on the planet, DAMN IT!", Ms. Amanda Lepore. RuPaul's Drag Race album Sharon has shown love for Amanda many times in interviews and performances, so it makes sense that her obsession would result in a glamorous, wacky video starring the David LaChapelle muse in which Needles visits the doctor to transform into her idol. Here is the excellent new video for Needles' collaboration with Lepore, I Wish I Were Amanda Lepore. Enjoy!

Monday, September 22, 2014


Truly one of the happiest of Happy Monday Songs you can imagine. Mel C has always rocked it out on her own since Spice Girls broke up in 2000. Yes, they broke up 14 years ago. They had some mini-reunions, but....anyway, I digress. Melanie C, a.k.a. Sporty Spice, recorded  Suddenly Monday for her 1999 debut solo album Northern Star, but it was never released as a single. TRAGEDY! A throwback to those glittery songs of the 60s like Happy Together or God Only Knows, this song ALWAYS puts a smile on my face. There was no video for Suddenly Monday, but that's okay, just listen to it and make your Monday a better place, y'all. Or don't and be a sourpuss all day. Your choice. I'm not the police. LOVE!

Friday, September 19, 2014


Janet Jackson had a lot to prove. Not only was her brother the reigning King of Pop, she was coming off of her first #1 album, 1986's Control, which had five top 5 singles and one more top 20 single, and she was competing with the likes of Madonna, Whitney Houston and Paula Abdul on the charts. What Janet, along with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, put together was a concept album about social injustice, racism, substance abuse and poverty. Of course, there was a little fun thrown in there too. The result was the mega-smash album Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814. The name was explained by Janet like this:
"The use of the number "1814" is twofold. First, R (Rhythm) is the 18th letter of the alphabet and N (Nation) is the 14th. The second is that while writing [Rhythm Nation] I was kidding around, saying, 'God, you guys, I feel like this could be the national anthem for the '90s' ... Just by a crazy chance we decided to look up when Francis Scott Key wrote the national anthem, and it was September 14, 1814."
A mix of R&B, jazz, dance music and straight up rock and roll, Rhythm Nation would chart singles for the next two years, have seven top 5 singles, with four of those hitting #1. That is the most top 5 singles from an album EVER. Booming with stylish, black and white, often military inspired music videos, Rhythm Nation took over MTV and the charts starting with the classically Janet track Miss You Much. Released just ahead of the album, Miss You Much rocketed to the top of the Hot 100 on October 7, 1989. The black and white video introduced us to her troop of dancers, the "rhythm nation", and set us up for a barrage of fantastic videos and singles. Rhythm Nation (#2 US) followed with one of the most iconic dance videos of all time, and lead to her third single and second #1 from the album Escapade. Escapade took a more gentle, playful tone and spent three weeks at #1 in March of 1990. Alright, featuring Heavy D, came next, hitting #4 in the spring and #2 with the ballad Come Back to Me in the summer. Janet was back at #1 with the self-written rock number Black Cat by the end of summer. Finally, on January 19, 1991, over two years after the release of the album, Janet revamped her style, her body and the seventh single and fourth #1 song from Rhythm Nation, Love Will Never Do (Without You) hit #1. With that, Rhythm Nation 1814 became the first album to score #1 hits in three consecutive years. Suck on that, Michael! OH, and the album actually had an eighth hit on the US Dance and R&B charts with the promotional release of State of the World hitting #9 and #23 respectively. BAM! Rhythm Nation changed the way Janet was seen, the way women of color were perceived in the music industry and the way music videos were used to promote albums. It was a stellar follow up to a strong album that cemented Janet as more than just Michael's little sister and put here in the big leagues for good. Listening to the tracks today, they still are as fresh and exciting as they were 25 years ago. Take a look and listen below and enjoy Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814.