Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I mean......this video is Gaga's sexiest and one of the all-time great pop works of art. By the time Gaga released Alejandro as the third single form her EP The Fame Monster she had already set the bar impossibly high. Every video before it was extraordinary and I personally didn't think she could top them. She did. the  8+ minute video for Alejandro is epic. The choreography, the costumes, the story line, the controversial religious/military imagery all come together to create a very, very sexy video and Lady Gaga has never looked better. THAT BODY!! And let's not forget all the half naked boys dancing in heels. COME ON!!!! Without a doubt I believe this is Gaga's hottest effort to date. So hunker down, swallow your rosary and hump the nearest military guy you can get your hands on, because here is Alejandro.


As per yoosh, RuPaul and the top three queens of the season have made a video for their final challenge. The results are often mixed. Last year featured, IMO, the best video ever produced form the RuPaul and the queens, Sissy That Walk. It's hard to top that, girl. This year Ru picked a remix of the title track to last year's album Born Naked (but the remix from this year's album Realness) and let finalists Pearl, Ginger Minj and Violet Chachki lip sync for their lives all over that shit. While not a one of them have the presence of Bianca Del Rio or Adore Delano from Season 6 (even Darian for that matter), the placement of the queens in the video leads me to believe that Pearl will take the crown for Season 7. Much like the clip for Sissy That Walk in which Bianca seems to appear more and usually last when they show all three queens, I'm feeling that Pearl is our girl. HEY, THAT RHYMES! More proof? Probably not. The video is not nearly as slick or alluring as Sissy, but I see what Ru was going for with the cable access realness effects and low budget extravaganza. I could be wrong about Pearl, but I have a feeling in most of my original bones. Tune in to the finale of RuPaul's Drag Race June 1st to find out who takes the crown...OFFICIALLY!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


.....Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani. Gwen was riding high as a kite with her debut solo record Love, Angel, Music, Baby and the third single released form the album was a HUGE hit. Hollaback Girl was a throwback to 80s  pop/rap/dance music and hit #1 on the Hot 100 on May 7, 2005 and stayed there for 4 consecutive weeks. Written with The Neptunes (Pharrell and Chad Hugo), Hollaback Girl is accompanied by a colorful video filmed in L.A. featuring cheerleaders, a marching band and some bad-ass cars. The song was nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Record of the Year at the Grammy Awards that year. Work!! Anyway, here is the #1 song from 10 years ago today, Hollaback Girl.  Enjoy!


You may or may not know it, but Stevie Nicks is an official goddess on earth. I have thus declared. Deal with it. The White Witch of Rock and Roll turns 67 today and I can think of no better reason to celebrate. Stevie has been nailing since the early '70s when she formed a duo with her then boyfriend/musical partner Lindsey Buckingham called Buckingham Nicks (how did they come up with that?) and were quickly snatched up to be a part of Fleetwood Mac. They did all right with them, if I recall correctly. Stevie stepped out on her own in the '80s and charted some classic pop rock tracks that blew my mind and made me want to do pivot turns and wear scarves for L-I-F-E! She's battled drugs, overcome great sadness in her life and put it all down on paper and vinyl to help us through the same things, so you better PRAISE her, y'all!!! Happy birthday, Stevie. Here is some of the Goddess' greatest. Enjoy!

Friday, May 22, 2015


My favorite opening number to my favorite concert of all time. Madonna's 2006 Confessions Tour was an absolute feast for the eyes and ears and it opened with a bang. Future Lovers also was a standout track on her amazing Confessions On A Dance Floor album and the perfect song to set the tone for the tour and, as an added bonus, Madge mixes it seamlessly with the classic Donna Summer/Giorgio Moroder track I Feel Love. I Feel Love is the precursor to all modern EDM/dance music that we know and love, so it was a no brainer. The mix is brilliant and her entrance to the stage is something to see. The concert film (available on iTunes HERE and SOOOOOO worth purchasing/renting) actually does a great job capturing the feel of the live show. Check out Future Lovers/I Feel Love below and have a happy Madonna Friday!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


I hesitated to post a Throwback Thursday about Duran Duran because they are still rocking it out to this very day, but with such a long and rich history, I figured it's okay to do a little looking back. Duran Duran formed in the late 70s in Birmingham, England. Initially considered part of the British New Wave of the early 80s, Duran Duran quickly shed that name and outgrew most of the groups associated with that moniker in both sound and style. To say that they caused a stir when hitting US shores is a gross understatement. Panties were flying and boners were popping up where ever these boys went and their hits flooded the charts. The boys are the ONLY artists to chart at #1 in the US with a Bond theme, 1985's A View To A Kill, and were pioneers in the art of the music video, practically taking over MTV during its formative years. From Rio to I Don't Want Your Love, Come Undone to Reach Up For The Sunrise, Duran Duran assaulted the charts all over the world and inspired musicians ever since their arrival. This fall the men have a new album coming out produced by Mark Ronson and Nile Rodgers. Can't fucking wait!!! Until then, here are some of DD's greatest VIDEOS of all time, up to their excellent 2010 single produced by Mark Ronson All You Need Is Now. Some may be slightly NSFW, so beware, whore!!! Enjoy.


RuPaul is the Queen of all queens and in her glamorous new video Modern Love -- taken from, IMO, her best album ever Born Naked -- she does not disappoint, hunty!!! Written by RuPaul and frequent collaborator Lucian Piane, Modern Love is a moody dance track with a strong hook and a message from Mama Ru t'boot. The video is directed by Steven Corfe, is shot in glamorous black and white and stars Ru and Ru alone, girl. Forget all those other bitches, cuz if you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love anybody else. Watch the video for the amazing Modern Love. Born Naked and RuPaul's latest album Realness are both available on iTunes.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I mean, I'm still going to give this a try. Emma Roberts seems to be playing the same exact role she played on American Horror Story: Coven (which is the only thing she's ever been good in, so....great?) and at least there's no singing....yet.....but there is something very familiar about this trailer for the upcoming Ryan Murphy show Scream Queens. It's like "I Know What You Screamed On Sorority Row Last Halloween". You know? Yeah, you do. Still, Jamie Lee Curtis looks like a tough-ass bitch in it and Lea Michele is wearing a fucking neck brace, so there are two things I want to see. By the way, I'm just going to go ahead and call it right now: I think Lea Michele is the killer. Why on earth would she lower herself to a second-ranked cast member when we know Ryan Murphy loves her? She ends up being the central figure. DUH!!!!! She's going to pop that neck brace off in the third episode, slip on a vagina-baring skirt and probably belt out a tune while murdering some ho. There. I said it. Anyhoozers, here is the first full trailer to Scream Queens, coming in September.


Is it possible? Is Cher really 69....and on a Humpday? Ha!!! Priceless. All of us gay boys have surely made out or at least sexy danced in a club to our fair share of Cher tunes, so it's fitting that the iconic goddess turns 69 today, letting us celebrate Humpday with some of her sexiest hits. Cher is not only one of the most successful and legendary performers in music, film and television, she helped many a young man, both gay and straight, come to terms with their own sexuality. Whether through her low cut Bob Mackie gowns and barely-there costumes or living vicariously through her penchant for younger men, Cher has given us all a little taste of the sexual revolution she lived through. Here are some of Cher's sexiest hits from across her remarkable SIX DECADE career. This bitch is still kicking it, y'all. All hail Cher!!!! Happy Humpday!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD: IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED LAST NIGHT'S EPISODE, PLEASE DO NOT READ!!!! So called "professionals" Ginger Minj and Kennedy Davenport, along with fellow contestants Violet Chachki and Pearl, were asked the age old question of why they should be America's Next Drag Superstar over the other contestants. Instead of mostly keeping it about themselves -- maybe because Kennedy couldn't think of very many ANY reasons -- these two older, supposedly more mature queens decided it was easier to throw shade and try to throw the two younger competitors under the bus. The things they were saying were unfounded for the most part and just plain nasty. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Violet and Pearl are perfect queens, by any means, but they both answered to question in a way they lifted themselves up without putting down their fellow competitors. Watching the episode of Untucked today really drove the point home. Ginger and Kennedy started kissing ass so hard when they got backstage that I thought they were going to suck Pearl and Violet's tucks out. Ginger finally admitted she was nasty on stage, but of course Kennedy -- who used the word CONDONE instead of CONDUCT incorrectly not once but twice during her nasty on-stage tirade "I condone myself in a way..." UGH! -- didn't have any good answers for her behavior so she just got all twisted and blew up. THAT'S mature. And she accused Violet of having a quick temper. Girl, bye. Meanwhile, Pearl and Violet found out exactly what they suspected: Ginger and Kennedy will do and say anything to win. I am pretty sure Kennedy's ignorant speech and nasty attitude are what sent her packing because she clearly nailed the video challenge. Her acting challenge was pretty fucking awful though, as usual. So now it comes down to Violet, Ginger and Pearl. I would be very happy to see Violet win at this point. I used to be Team Ginger, but her true personality really ruined her on each episode of Untucked. Pearl isn't quite the type of queen to rep a brand, in my opinion, but she is something special. Of course, Katya should still be there, but Kennedy ruins everything so she's not. You can watch Untucked below and see Ginger and Kennedy implode. Remember, Ru wants your opinion to so go on twitter and type in either #TeamViolet, #TeamPearl or the other one @RuPaulsDragRace. May the best woman win. You should also type in #TeamLeaveKennedyAtABusStop. A little Drag Race humor.


Grace Jones has been giving us life since the days of Studio 54, and today she turns 67! The model/singer/actress/fashion icon and all around crazy person is one of the last surviving and thriving icons of the glittery disco era still kicking it with the avant garde. Jones was born May 19, 1948 in Spanish Town, Jamaica before moving to New York at 13. From there she took the modeling world by storm, eventually moving into a career as a singer, then an actress. She appeared in such films as the camp classic horror Vamp, the Bond film A View To A Kill, Conan The Destroyer and Boomerang. Her biggest hits include her silky disco cover of La Vie En Rose, her ode to butt sex Pull Up To the Bumper and the amazing and classic Slave To The Rhythm. This bitch is FIERCE! Below are some fun videos of Grace, including her performing Slave To The Rhythm for The Queen of England at her Jubilee celebration while.....well.....just watch. She was 64 at the time. Keep that in mind. The last video is of what I consider to be Grace's masterpiece, Williams Blood, a song about the history of her family from her 2008 album Hurricane, written with Wendy & Lisa.  Anyhooo.......Happy birthday, Grace!!!


Monday, May 18, 2015


This is such an excellent cover of the amazing 1986 classic by Crowded House, Don't Dream It's Over. These two former Disney darlings sit, sing and tear it the freak UP on this one. Miley Cyrus adds to her Backyard Sessions youtube collecting with this cover and Ariana makes me like her a little bit more. Miley also flirty quite a bit with Ariana. Ha. Adorable. Happy Monday!!!

Friday, May 15, 2015


Madonna asserts herself as The Queen once again scoring her 45th #1 on the Dance Chart this week with Ghosttown. This makes her the artists with the most #1 hits on any Billboard chart in history. This puts her just ahead of country music legend George Strait who has scored 44 #1s on the Hot Country Chart. I'd say that's pretty good company. "Thanks to all my fans on and off the dancefloor," Madonna said in an exclusive statement to Billboard. "I'll (always) be your partner." Here is a list of all of Madonna's #1 songs on the dance chart, starting with 1983's Holiday/Lucky Star and one of the excellent remixes of Ghosttown.

1983, "Holiday"/"Lucky Star" (five weeks at No. 1)
1984, "Like a Virgin" (four)
1985, "Material Girl"
1985, "Angel"/"Into the Groove"
1987, "Open Your Heart"
1987, "Causing a Commotion (Remix)"
1988, "You Can Dance (LP Cuts)"
1989, "Like a Prayer" (two)
1989, "Express Yourself" (three)
1990, "Keep It Together"
1990, "Vogue" (two)
1991, "Justify My Love" (two)
1992, "Erotica"
1993, "Deeper and Deeper"
1993, "Fever"
1994, "Secret" (two)
1995, "Bedtime Story"
1997, "Don't Cry for Me Argentina"
1998, "Frozen" (two)
1998, "Ray of Light" (four)
1999, "Nothing Really Matters" (two)
1999, "Beautiful Stranger" (two)
2000, "American Pie"
2000, "Music" (five)
2001, "Don't Tell Me"
2001, "What It Feels Like for a Girl"
2001, "Impressive Instant" (two)
2002, "Die Another Day" (two)
2003, "American Life"
2003, "Hollywood"
2003, "Me Against the Music," Britney Spears featuring Madonna (two)
2004, "Nothing Fails"
2004, "Love Profusion"
2005, "Hung Up" (four)
2006, "Sorry" (two)
2006, "Get Together"
2006, "Jump" (two)
2008, "4 Minutes," Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake & Timbaland (two)
2008, "Give It 2 Me"
2009, "Celebration"
2012, "Give Me All Your Luvin'," Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.
2012, "Girl Gone Wild"
2012, "Turn Up the Radio"
2015, "Living for Love"
2015, "Ghosttown"


Vogue is arguably Madonna's most iconic single of all time. It is sexy, smart and timeless, as fresh today as the day it was released, March 20, 1990. Vogue brought house music to the mainstream and introduced a dance craze started in the underground drag balls in New York to middle America. There are many, many classic performances of the Vogue and here are, in my opinion, some of the very best. Starting with my favorite performance form her Girlie Show Tour, The MDNA World Tour, Sticky and Sweet Tour, Blond Ambition Tour and finally the classic 1990 MTV Video Music Awards performance. Each one a lesson is being a fierce bitch. Watch and love. Happy Madonna Friday!