Wednesday, August 26, 2015


When Christina Aguilera released Dirrty (that's with two Rs, thank you) in 2002 everybody went ape-shit crazy. What happened to that little Disney princess with the angel voice? Well, I'll tell you: She grew up, got her some gays and they whored her up real nice. WOOT!! The all new, all slutty, all the TIME "Xtina" (as she would come to be called) was ready to shed that good girl image and show us how she can shake her man-hungry poontrap. Oh, Xtina, you never looked back. The video was especially shocking. Directed by the amazing David LaChapelle, it included a cast of wacky characters, sexy dancers, a lot of not-very-sanitary-looking water and a half naked Xtina bumping and grinding her way to infamy. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!! It is one of the, if not THE most shocking transformations I have witnessed in modern day pop music. You gotta give the girl some credit; she's got balls. The song is about as sexy as you can get and, whether you like it or not, sex became a part of Xtina's career for good. So here is the demure then-21-year-old Christina Aguilera's 2002 hit Dirrty. Enjoy and hump the nearest thing you can find.

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