Thursday, August 6, 2015


For this Throwback Thursday let's take a look at some of the solo work of former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. I mean, she was the best one. Everything fell apart without her, right? Geri left the other Girls in 1998 amid a media frenzy and started releasing her solo music the following year. Her debut solo album, Schizophonic, only hit #4 on the UK album charts, but ended up being a huge success, going double platinum in the UK and producing four top 10 hits, three of which hit #1!! Not too shabby, bitches. Her second album, Scream If You Wanna Go Faster, started off with a bang when her cover of It's Raining Men shot to #1, but the album stalled at #5. Scream did produce two more top 10 hits though and eventually reached gold status in the UK. After Scream Geri took some time off and didn't record again until 2005's Passion. Despite scoring a top 10 hit with the excellent disco track Ride It, Passion completely failed to find an audience, debuted at #41 on the UK album charts and quickly disappeared. Geri has made a couple of attempts at music since, but nothing has really come of it. I mean, this bitch has so much Spice money that she doesn't need to work another day in her life, so leave her alone!!! And, in case you were counting, that four #1 hits and eight top 10s!! How many do you have? Anyway, here are some of Geri's catchiest, cheeky-ist hits for your Throwback Thursday joy. Happy birthday, Geri!!!

Geri Halliwell - Look At Me. from Rokkit on Vimeo.
geri halliwell---chico latino by podalirius

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