Thursday, April 30, 2015


Does the name sound familiar? If not, some of the songs will. Howard Jones, described by AllMusic as "one of the defining figures of mid-'80s synth pop" was a MAJOR pop star in the 80s in both his native UK and the US with a string of successful songs and albums, the biggest being Dream Into Action (#2 UK, #10 US)... then he went away. He was an important, figure in synth-pop, often combining the New Wave sound with an optimistic, 60s feel. Jones bombarded the charts with classic hits like What is Love (#2 UK), New Song (#3 UK), Things Can Only Get Better (#6 UK, #5 US), No One Is To Blame (#4 US), Everlasting Love (#12 US) and Life in One Day (#14 UK, #19 US).  Howard still tours and records when he feels like it, even releasing the album Ordinary Heroes in 2009. Mostly we can remember him by his wonderful 80s hits and this quote about his career that is just bad-ass, "I wasn't fashionable. I never got good reviews. But I'm proud of the fact that I wasn't liked by the media... Pop music is so reactionary and bigoted. And I found that what's 'cool' is often very shallow and transient." Chew on that, bitches!!! Anyway, here are some of Howard's VERY cool hits for you to enjoy and remember on this Throwback Thursday.


Willie Nelson, 82 today, is a legend, not only in country music, but in American culture in general, activism and all around bad-assery. Willie started his music career in the 1950s, writing songs for himself and others, but his major mainstream success came when he decided to start writing and recording "outlaw country" in the mid-70s on such albums as Redheaded Stranger and Wanted! The Outlaws. Nelson forayed into film in the 80s appearing in The Electric Horseman and Honeysuckle Rose, all the while dropping classic country tracks like My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, On The Road Again, Always On My Mind and Pancho and Lefty. Willie also crossed over to the pop charts with songs like Good Hearted Woman, the Julio Iglesias duet To All The Girls I've Loved Before, and the perhaps the first LGBT country anthem Cowboys are Frequently, Secretly Found Of Each Other, which was featured on the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack. Willie has been an outspoken advocate for many causes such as the legalization of marijuana and the use of biodiesel fuel, of which he has his own brand made from vegetable oil. Of course the thing that most endears Willie to me is his outspoken support for the LGBT community. Willie is quoted as saying, "It's ridiculous to me that this is something we're having a conversation about in this day and age....I thought it was something that was settled a long time ago. I've known straight and gay people all my life. I can't tell the difference. People are people where I came from." Amen, Willie! He added, "I'd never marry a man I didn't like." HA! There is that Texas sense of humor. So here is a big salute to one of MY heroes, Willie Nelson. Happy birthday, Outlaw! Here are some of his best, including the video for the LGBT anthem Cowboys are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other and my fave Willie song EVER Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain.


Giorgio Moroder, legendary Grammy and Academy Award winning producer/musician is coming out with his first studio album in 30 years, Deja Vu, and her is the title track with Sia. A glittery, spinning disco number that gives you all the Studio 54 realness you could possibly want. Take a listen below and dance your patootie off this morning. YAAAAAAS! Deja Vu is the second single from the upcoming album after the US #1 Dance Chart hit Right Here, Right Now ft. Kylie Minogue (click link for video). Deja Vu, the album, is out June 12th!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015



He's back, and looking fine as hell!!! Adam Lambert's new single, Ghost Town (not to be confused with Madonna's Ghosttown) is a pumping club track with a soft side. The song is co-written by, among others, hit maker Max Martin. The video, directed by the legendary Hype Williams, is shot in lovely black and white and features a bevy of hot dancers and Adam emoting his fanny off. Check out the track below. Lambert's forthcoming album, The Original High, is due out June 12th. You can pre-order it on iTunes and Ghost Town will download immediately. Support the first openly gay pop star on a major label and get that shit today!!!!


SPOILER ALERT!! Her time on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 may finally be over, but Miss Fame ain't going nowhere, hunty. Here is the new single from the "Full Latex Fantasy Fetish Fashionista" herself, Rubber Doll. Poppy, dancy and fierce, the girl should have worked it out like this on the show!!! I must say that I am pretty impressed that Fame pulled this off. She was a little underwhelming when it came to any kind of acting/singing/dancing challenge on the show, so good on her. Don't open the library too quickly, Miss Fame has a thing or two to prove.


Kylie is a sex machine! On top of being one of the most successful artists in music history, Kylie is also a top notch, Grade A sexy symbol for the ages. Here 2004 single Red Blooded Woman is proof positive that she can drive the boys (and girls) W-I-L-D! Incorporating elements of hip-hop into a synth groove, RBW took Kylie into an urban groove that melted hearts and tented pants all over the globe. Check her out getting sexy all over the freeway in the video below. Happy Humpday!! Go hump in a truck.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


.....Call Me by Blondie. With music and production by famed Italian producer Giorgio Moroder and lyrics by Debbie Harry, Call Me became Blondie's biggest hit ever!! Moroder was interested in writing with Stevie Nicks when approached about songs for the Richard Gere film American Gigolo (the one where he shows his junk), but Nicks was unavailable due to label conflict, so fate steered him toward Blondie. They made a little chart history together, turns out. Call Me hit #1 on April 19, 1980 and remained for six weeks, becoming the biggest hit of 1980. It would go on to be #44 on Billboard Top 100 of ALL TIME,  and at last count was #283 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Call them, indeed! The video features a cabbie that appeared in other Blondie videos riding around NYC being cabbie-like. Anyhoo, here is the #1 song from 30 years ago today, Blondie's Call Me.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Sheena Easton turns 56 today! I LOVE SHEENA EASTON!!! There, I said it. I think she has a great voice and is sexy and turned it out in the 80s, bitch. I love how she started off an innocent and wide-eyed Scottish lass and then became a slutty little minx who canoodled with Prince. Yeah, PRINCE!!! Sheena had some of my fave hits from the 80s and continues to perform to this very day. She has starred on Broadway (Man of La Mancha and Grease), had parts in several television shows (Miami Vice, Highlander) and appeared in films (All Dogs Go to Heaven). Easton also has been a big star in Vegas at the Hilton and was inducted into the Casino Legends Hall of Fame in 2004. Among the accolades she has won over her career are two Grammys: in 1981 for Best New Artist and in 1985 for Best Mexican-American Performance for a duet with Luis Miguel. She is the only performer to record a James Bond theme (For Your Eyes Only) AND appear in the iconic opening sequence for the film because she's so darn pretty. It's fun to be pretty. Here are some oldies but goodies by Sheena Easton. Enjoy and Happy Birthday, Sheena!


Another week, another Janet Jackson song to make you happy as a clam on a Monday. Doesn't Really Matter was released as a single to promote Janet's star turn in The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps. While that film surprisingly failed to sweep the Oscars that year, Doesn't Really Matter was a big ol' fat hit!! Fat. Get it? The Klumps. Never mind. Released May 21, 2000, the song was a return to the bright, cheery pop sound that Janet had foregone on her previous album, the remarkable and dark The Velvet Rope, and fans were ready. Doesn't Really Matter jumped to #1 on the Hot 100 and maintained the spot for three weeks. The video is also as cute as can be, full of Japanese imagery, and features some sick choreography. Smile and watch today's Happy Monday Song. It'll give you a happy boner.

Friday, April 24, 2015


Madonna is practically made of money, and in 1989 she was beginning to realize it. She was (is) the queen of everything and was riding the wave of her latest #1 album and single Like a Prayer. Her second single from LAP was the funky, hard-driving smash Express Yourself. Madonna decided to put some of that hard-earned money to use and make what was, at the time, the most expensive music video EVER, coming in at $5 million (it's still the 3rd most expensive). Directed by David Fincher, the video was a tribute to the silent film Metropolis and featured Madonna as the ruler of an industrial world, using half-naked men as her slaves and playthings and getting chained up, for her pleasure, in the process. Hot! The song itself hit #2 on the Hot 100 and opened her 1990 Blond Ambition World Tour. A fan favorite and one of Madonna's signature songs, Express Yourself sounds as up-to-date today as it did back then. So dance your cooch off to Express Yourself. Happy Madonna Friday!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Annie Lennox is definitely one of the most celebrated and compelling voices in modern pop music. As lead singer of Eurythmics, Lennox -- along with Dave Stewart -- created chart success paralleled by very few of their peers throughout the 80s. After Euythmics decided to take a break in 1990, Lennox took some time off, had a baby, and eventually, luckily for all of us, decided to return to music. Needless to say, she nailed that shit. Lennox unleashed Diva in the Spring of 1992 and the world took notice. From the first single, the beautiful Why, to the yearing soul of Cold, the brilliantly gleeful Little Bird, to the swagger of (my personal favorite) Money Can't Buy It, Diva was a masterclass in singing and songwriting. Lennox wrote an album of songs that dealt with motherhood, sisterhood, heartache, triumph and love. To accompany the record Annie released a video album featuring 9 of the 11 tracks from Diva directed by Sophie Muller, with whom she had collaborated during her time with Eurythmics. Visually stunning and owing much to the pure beauty of Lennox' face and her charisma, the video album went on to win a Grammy for Best Long Form Music Video. The album was nominated for Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Performance - Female at the Grammys as well. The Brit Awards honored Annie with Best British Album, Best British Female Artist and nominated her for Best British Video for Walking On Broken Glass. Her producer, Stephen Lipson, was also nominated for Best British Producer. The album hit #1 on the UK charts, but only #23 in the US, although it has sold over 2 million copies in the States since it's release. Diva's amazing roster of singles were Why (#5 UK, #34 US), Precious (#23 UK, N/A US), Walking On Broken Glass (#8 UK, #14 US), Cold (#26 UK, N/A US) and Little Bird (#3 UK, #49 US). Diva stands as a stunning album that shows no signs of aging all these years later, and the same can be said of Annie. A true pop classic. Enjoy some videos from Diva below.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Perhaps one of Prince & The Revolution's most offbeat, transitional works, Around The World In A Day, was released on an unsuspecting public 30 years ago today. With minimal to zero promo to trumpet its release, Around The World In A Day showed up in record stores without even a picture of Prince or the band to push it. In fact, first single Raspberry Beret was not released until a month after the album.  Prince stated that he wanted listeners to experience the album as a whole and not base its substance on just one song. Following the hugely successful and overtly commercial Purple Rain, Prince & The Revolution hit the studio looking for a new sound. What they came up with, rumored to be influenced greatly by Revolution members Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman, was an eclectic group of songs with a psychedelic twist, relying heavily on tambourines, cymbals and strings. Even without promotion, Around The World In A Day still managed two Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 with Raspberry Beret (#2) and Pop Life (#7), a top 20 with Paisley Park in the UK (#18) and one more Hot 100 entry in the US with America (#46). While not as successful as Purple Rain (what was?) ATWIAD still hit #1 on the Billboard 200 and stayed there for three consecutive weeks. What it also did was set up a change in Prince's sound that would stay with him through his next album, Parade, the amazing soundtrack to his film Under the Cherry Moon, also written in tight collaboration with Wendy and Lisa. Although it is not as lauded as some of his other output during his most commercially successful period, I find Around The World In A Day to be such an important album in terms of evolution of his sound and reinvention in Prince's career. I still listen to this album to this day and it hold up incredibly well. So take a listen below and Happy 30th, Around The World In A Day.


Happy Earth Day, everybody!! I hope that we all are thinking about the importance of a healthy environment today. Remember to take care of our planet so it can continue to take care of us. In celebration of Earth Day here are a couple of videos about the importance of being responsible with our planet: Michael Jackson's Earth Song, Bjork's Earth Intruders, Deep Forest's Forest Hymn, Madonna's Hey You and a very special video of what keeps our planet going, the Sun, from NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory. You can check HERE for any Global Earth Day events happening in your area.


I'm off to visit family and friends in Texas for the rest of the week. I'll be back Monday, April 27th, my lovely readers. In the meantime, enjoy some pre-written posts and lovingly reposted gems to help you through the long, lonely days without me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015



Inside Amy Schumer is -- how do I not oversell this -- the greatest thing that's ever happened to television -- no, THE WORLD!!! Season 3 is starting TONIGHT (April 21st) on Comedy Central and Amy promises a year of rule breaking like you've never seen. Here is a little taste to celebrate what she is calling "The Year of the Butt", her take on the "booty song" craze, Milk Milk Lemonade. Enjoy!!


.....Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinéad O'Connor. Written by Prince and originally recorded by his project The Family in 1985, Nothing Compares 2 U is Sinéad's biggest hit on the Hot 100, reaching #1 on April 21, 1990 and remaining in the pole position for four weeks. Sinéad's take on the song related to her mother's death and gave the song ever more feeling and longing than the original. The video for the song became iconic. Mostly shot in close-up on O'Connor's face, the clip went into heavy rotation on MTV and ended up winning Video of the Year at the MTV VMA's over Madonna's Vogue, which of course if absolute rubbish, but whattayagonnado? Nothing also was the third biggest song of 1990 on the Hot 100 and was nominated for Record of the Year at the Grammy Awards. So here is the #1 song from this day 25 years ago, Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinéad O'Connor.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Sure, this song is dirty in addition to being happy, but isn't that the BEST kind of happy? It is. "Got a nice package, all right. Guess I'm gonna have to ride it tonight." SCANDAL!! Released on March 6, 2001, All For You is one of Janet Jackson's most successful songs of all time. It set several radio and chart records and stayed at #1 on the Hot 100 for seven weeks, becoming the third most successful single of 2001 on that chart. As the last three Mondays will attest, Janet can pop out a happy, sunny single faster than a Duggar can pop out another inbred redneck, so All For You definitely qualifies as a classic Janet song through and through. The video is also pretty spectacular, taking place in a colorful, two-dimensional world where Janet can walk around barefoot without fear of hepatitis. What a world!!! Anyway, put on your happy pants and dance along to All For You. Happy Monday!!

Friday, April 17, 2015


Pop goddess Kylie Minogue is not going to sit idly by and watch The Queen get age-shamed. No, ma'am. Kylie recently spoke to The Herald Sun about her view on getting older in the business and what we all want from Madonna.
"There’s common ground for myself and Madonna there. I don’t even take notice of how old my friends are. It’s a sign of the times today that age isn’t that relevant. Certainly not to me or my generation. Therefore it’s kind of hard to explain. Having said that I’ll be the first one to joke ‘Oh come on, I’m not in my undies again am I?’ I did a lingerie shoot the other day, it’s kind of astounding, but it’s happening and I’m not forcing it. I’m just going with the flow. I don’t think people want to see Madonna in an old Greek lady’s house dress on the stoop do they? They want glamour, they want fantasy. Maybe it doesn’t make sense in every day life, whatever normal is, I don’t even know any more. But it’s definitely something I struggle to even talk about. You just want to get past it, basically. For me it’s just about taste. There’s a certain way to do things. I hope I get it right more often than I get it wrong."


Model, singer, producer, drummer and all around cool chic Florrie is back again with a nostalgic, romantic little tune called Too Young To Remember. The pop-rock track calls back to the early 90s and late 80s, dropping a couple of Madonna titles like Justify My Love and Like A Prayer along the way, and rocks along in a pastel-tinted video. Lots of bad old clothes and ancient technology to jolt your memory. Ha. Here is Too Young To Remember by Florrie and get the EP on iTunes now.


Picking between these songs is like picking which Kardashian or Duggar is the most revolting! Delving into Madonna's second decade as The Queen of Pop is an interesting adventure. Her sound continued to evolve with experimentation and changes in her personal and spiritual life. From the jazzy chanteuse of I'm Breathless, the oversexed vamp of Erotica, the soulful songstress of Bedtime Stories to the enlightened diva of Ray of Light, there was no shortage of revelatory singles and remarkable images. Her 90s output was eclectic, emotional and sexy. Here is my ranking of the lead singles from each of Madonna's 90s albums. Again, the rules apply: In determining this ranking I took into consideration not just which was my favorite song, but how well it represented what was in store for the album, sonically and tonally, and the impact it had on me personally during the era of Madonna's career it kickstarted. So take it in, y'all.
4. Vogue (I'm Breathless) - While Vogue is undeniably one of Madonna's biggest, brightest, most enduring hits, it really has little to nothing to do with the concept album I'm Breathless. Full of jazzy, Broadway-inspired numbers, including three by the King of Broadway Stephen Sonheim, I'm Breathless was inspired by the film Dick Tracy in which Madge played Breathless Mahoney, one of her most successful film roles. Vogue was written prior to the concept for the album even came about as a B-side to the Like A Prayer single Keep It Together. When record execs heard the amazing dance track they decided it was too good to throw away on a B-side (NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!), so Madonna and Shep Pettibone took it back, spruced it up and, to tie it into an old Hollywood theme, added the "rap" section, made possibly the greatest video of all time, and the rest is history. But, again, Vogue does not in anyway represent the tone of I'm Breathless, unlike second single Hanky Panky, so it's #4 on my list.

3. Secret (Bedtime Stories) - The three top songs on this list were hard to pick between. Each one is a perfect set up for the albums they promoted and each are very different. Secret is perhaps one of Madonna's most soulful singles ever, and Bedtime Stories in criminally underrated as an album. I guess that Secret did set up the album wonderfully, but there are also a few genres going on within Bedtime Stories. While Secret and it's accompanying Harlem-set video perfectly represent the soulful R&B of many of the tracks, there are also some hints of what was to come with Ray of Light in the songs Bedtime Story and Sanctuary and even some New Jack Swing on the excellent Human Nature. So Secret will sit at #3 on this ranking.

2. Frozen (Ray of Light) - Madonna discovers Kabbalah, becomes an evolved spiritual being and changes the music game in the process. Frozen was a revelation when it was released. Before Frozen and the album Ray of Light electronic music was confined to club and trance music. Madonna and William Orbit gave it heart, edge and even sorrow with their collaboration on Frozen. Electronic music is now as much a part of pop as anything else. The music incorporated some of the visuals of mysticism and Kabbalah as well, featuring dark, icy effects and Madonna dressed in black with dark locks. Frozen is easily one of Madonna's most dramatic and heartfelt efforts and opened the Ray of Light era with a bombastic array of sound and fury.

1. Erotica (Erotica) - I had never noticed that the lead singles from each of Madonna's 90s albums were all one word titles. Huh. Anyway, the best lead single from any of Madonna's 90s output, in my opinion, has to be Erotica. The album Erotica is an absolute masterpiece, untouched by any other album of its time, or pretty much anytime IMO, and the single Erotica set it up brilliantly. Cold, industrial and sexy all at once, Madonna coos over a hard beat and deep club sounds to bring out the dirtiest, darkest parts of our sexuality. The video gives a behind-the-scenes peak at the making of her SEX book, and it doesn't disappoint. The album supplied some of her best work ever and kept within the theme of icy sexuality even while bringing in the hidden longing of Rain and Waiting or the bitchy kiss-off of Bye Bye Baby. Erotica was the perfect opening for one of the greatest eras in pop music history, which is why its her greatest lead single of the 90s.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Like two likable versions of Azealia Banks, Rich White Ladies hail from The Bronx and are here to take over the world. Here is their fantastic ode to female strength and, well, tennis, Wimbledon. I have to say that I might be obsessed with this now. It has become my life. So fucking catchy, campy and fun!!! Game, set, match, ladies. Their EP is available on iTunes HERE.


This is a little more like it. After the travesty of Bitch Better Have My Money, Rihanna gets serious with American Oxygen. The song and the video show both sides of the United States, the good and the bad, the dark and the light. It's quite powerful imagery and definitely boosts the song, IMO. Watch below.


1985 saw the official arrival of arguably the best voice in the history of pop music, Whitney Houston. Her self-titled debut album blew the loads minds of the record buying/radio listening public and America's sweetheart was born. Now Whitney had appeared briefly to duet the previous year on Jermaine Jackson's self-titled album and also on the 1984 comeback album, Love Language, by Teddy Pendergrass. This, by the way, disqualified her from Best New Artist category at the Grammy Awards the year her debut was released, which is a controversy to this day. Anyway.....the first single from the album Whitney Houston was the smooth, sexy You Give Good Love. If this didn't move your hand down your significant other's pants, you are a eunuch, girl! YGGL hit #3 on the Hot 100 and topped the R&B charts and probably got about a million people pregnant in the process. The all-important follow up single was Saving All My Love. An ode to infidelity (yep), this song gave Whitney her first of many #1 singles on the Hot 100 and won her first Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and moved your hand down someone else's significant other's pants. Work!! From this point on, all bets were off. Girl was unstoppable. How Will I Know hit #1 in February 1986, and The Greatest Love of All topped the charts in May of that year. Whitney became the first artists to have their debut album produce three #1 singles, and the first female artist to ever achieve that feat. The album has sold over 13 million copies in the US and 25 million worldwide, was nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammys, and appears on almost every list of the greatest albums of all time. There is no denying that this album launched one of the brightest stars to ever burn into the conscience of the music listening world. Whitney is greatly missed. Here are the videos for the singles from 1985's Whitney Houston. Please take note of 1) THAT BODYSUIT and the very unsanitary work outfits of the people working in the kitchen in the You Give Good Love video 2) the bright AF 80s-tastic ENTIRE video for How Will I Know and 3) 23 year-old Whitney looking like the hottest possible version of your 3rd grade teacher in The Greatest Love Of All video. Enjoy the throwback, lovers.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Yes, that Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely!!! Taking the sweet boyband pop sound and hyping it up to rock-god level. KINGSHIP takes the BSB classic and gives it some major balls. Singer Chris Hall and the boys rock it out and the video, directed by Steven Mertens, is a sci-fi fantasy spectacular. I love this cover, you guys!! Check out Kingship's new EP The Neon Kingdom on iTunes!


It's a sexy song and the number Brit can count to! I kid!! I love me some Britney Spears. Never one to shy away from the sexy, Britney went full orgy on her 2009 single 3. Referencing those gods of sex Peter, Paul and Mary (WHAT?) Britney coos her way through a plea to "me, you and he" and writhes around in a sexy video until we are all ready to pop! The song hit #1 on the Hot 100 and gave all those adventurous people out there a theme song to listen to while they put an extra set of genitals in their bed. FUN FACT: In this video ABOUT THREESOMES they actually edit out the word "sin" during the "living in sin is the new thing" and replace it with "this". Huh? I guess the Biblebangers don't mind a little group play as long as you don't call it a sin. Ha! Anyhoozers, try not to hump the nearest couple to you while listening to the Humpday Sexy Song, 3.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


....We Are The World by USA for Africa. Originally conceived by Harry Belafonte, USA for Africa was borne out of the idea started by the famine relief single Do They Know Its Christmas by the British supergroup Band Aid. USA for Africa was made up of some of the biggest recording artists of all time...and LaToya Jackson. We Are The Word was written by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson and produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Omartian (only to have Cyndi Lauper come in and steal the whole shebang with one amazing line) and it went on to sell over 20 million copies. The song hit #1 on the Hot 100 on April 13, 1985 and stayed at the top spot for 4 weeks, also hitting #1 on various charts around the world. Since its release, We Are The World and USA for Africa have raised over $63 million for humanitarian aide. Not too shabby for a bunch of pop stars. Anyway, here is the historic single that sat at #1 30 years ago today, We Are The World.

Monday, April 13, 2015


All this talk about the Happy Janet Trifecta (When I Think Of You, Escapade and All For You) and I totally forgot about this sunny gem!!! Runaway was a new track from Janet's very first greatest hits package, Design of a Decade 1986/1996. Written with her long time producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the track is as bright and sunny as Janet's smile. Runaway made Janet the first woman to ever debut in the top 10 on the Hot 100 and eventually went on to peak at #3 on the chart. There is no denying that this is classic Janet and the video is a beautiful dance around the world that will bring a smile to your face and maybe some other body parts as well. So here is your Happy Monday song, Runaway by Janet Jackson.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Madonna was undoubtedly the biggest female pop star of the 80s, and arguably the biggest of all pop stars, so every time she was gearing up to release a new album we couldn't wait to hear the lead single. Here I have put together the lead singles from all of Madonna's full length albums for you from Madonna (1983) to Like a Prayer (1989). Some of the most exciting, legendary singles in pop music history. So which one was the greatest lead single? In determining this ranking I took into consideration not just which was my favorite song, but how well it represented what was in store for the album, sonically and tonally, and the impact it had on me personally during the era of Madonna's career it kickstarted. I'm complicated. Read below to find out which song fits where, bitch. I'm not just going to list them for you, lazy!! Happy Madonna Friday.
4. Everybody (Madonna) - Though Everybody was released in October '82 and Madonna, the album, wasn't released until July '83, Everybody was officially the first single and its success on the Dance and Club charts was the reason Madonna was able to record her debut full-length album. Even though Everybody is an absolute joy, it didn't quite kick the album into high gear. That honor would go to third single Holiday, which was Madonna's first Hot 100 hit (#16) and moved the newly released album up the chart.

3. Live To Tell (True Blue) - Live To Tell, though officially considered the lead single from True Blue, was ACTUALLY released as a song from Madonna's then-husband Sean Penn's film At Close Range. She wrote it with Patrick Leonard and presented it to Sean for his birthday to help promote the film. It was released right before the album True Blue though and is considered its first single. I LOVE this song. It is dark and moody and one of Madonna's best vocal performances. The only thing that keeps it from being higher on this list is that it doesn't exactly set up the album True Blue as a whole. True Blue is brighter, sunnier and more of a summer album in total than the tone of Live To Tell lets on. Papa Don't Preach, the second single, was a much better representation of what was to come with True Blue.

2. Like A Virgin (Like A Virgin) - As far as setting up an album, it doesn't get (very) much better than this. With the help of producer Nile Rodgers, Madonna combines sound, concept and style all in one hard hitting, sexy punch to set up one of the most iconic albums of the 1980s and of her career. Like A Virgin was naughty, shocking, ironic and. most importantly, iconic from the moment we first heard it. It was the perfect introduction to follow up singles Material Girl, Angel and Dress You Up. There is only one better.

1. Like A Prayer (Like A Prayer) - I mean......COME ON! There is no way to better kick off an album than with a great melody, a perfect beat and a gospel choir. Am I right, ladies? Like A Prayer dwarfed in scope and sound all other previous first singles and set up what was her highest artistic achievement of the 1980s. The album, the single and all following singles (Express Yourself, Cherish, Oh Father, Keep It Together) form as perfect an era as perfect could be. Like A Prayer set the bar for lead singles from that point on, her greatest lead single of the 80s.


It's been a long, long time since Dannii Minogue, Kylie's sister, has performed her own music in public. She hasn't even released a single since 2007's Touch Me Like That. Well the wait is over. Performing at Sydney Mardi Gras, one of the biggest gay pride events in the world, Dannii took the stage to perform some of her greatest hits (pretty much unknown to this part of the world, but hits in Australia and the UK) like Put The Needle On It, This Is It, I Begin To Wonder, Who Do You Love Now and new single Summer of Love. Dannii is looking GOOOOOD, y'all!! Watch below and enjoy.


YAAAAAS!!! For her first public performance of her club banger Bitch, I'm Madonna, The Queen did it UP!! Mounting a full-scale performance throughout the studio, the audience and the stage, Madonna took over all of The Tonight Show's business and nailed the shit out of the track with some help from some her son Rocco, Diplo, a Nicki Minage collage and some incredibly fierce dancers. Here it is, folks. The Queen!!!


Madonna was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and, like he often does with musical guests, he had The Roots join in on a jam sessions with classroom instruments. What song did they choose? Of course Madonna's very first big hit, 1983's Holiday! It's nice to see Madonna have some fun with the boys. She also did one of the most awkward stand-up routines you've ever seen. It's kind of hilarious to see her do something she's clearly not good at. Enjoy below!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Carly Rae Jepsen is determined to not become just another one (HUGE) hit wonder. The Call Me Maybe songstress has not only come back with one of the catchiest songs since....well.... Call Me Maybe in I Really Like You, but the preview for another song from her upcoming album (release date TBA) All That is an 80s inspired delicious ballad. It sounds like and Exposé/Seduction/Sweet Sensation 80s girl group confection and I am LIVING for it. Check out the video for I Really Like You (featuring none other than Tom Hanks!!) and the new track All That below. She's not fucking around, y'all!!


Madonna graces the cover and pages of Cosmopolitan's 50th Anniversary issue and talks about her new album Rebel Heart, her haters, sex, ageism, feminism, and answers some questions we've all been wondering about. Like, in case you're wondering, if Madonna could collaborate with anyone right now it would be.....Drake. I was hoping for Kylie, but fine. Anyway, here is a little video I put together that hopefully you'll enjoy of the pics from the mag set to Madonna's hot track off of Rebel Heart, Holy Water. Cosmo's 50th Anniversary issue is on stands now and you can (and should) get Rebel Heart now. If you haven't, you're a turd.


Without a doubt one of the most talented people in the music business and definitely Prince's most accomplished and respected protégé, Sheila Escovedo, known the us as Sheila E., forged her own unique place in pop music over the last few decades. The daughter of renowned percussionist Pete Escovedo, Sheila played along side her father growing up and eventually played professionally for the likes of George Duke, Lionel Richie, Herbie Hancock, Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross. Of course, her life completely changed when Prince met her in 1978 when she was playing a gig with her father and prophesied that she would one day join his band. Sheila was eventually asked to join Prince in the studio during the Purple Rain sessions to record backing vocals for B-side classic Erotic City, and the rest is history. Prince produced her debut album, Sheila E. in The Glamorous Life, with it's massive title track and top 40 hit The Belle of St. Mark. Sheila opened for his Purple Rain tour to promote the album, and even had a brief affair with The Purple One. She was nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards for her debut. Her second album, also written and produced with Prince, Romance 1600, yielded another hit with the Prince duet A Love Bizarre (#11). Her third and last album of the 80s, Sheila E., was a step in a new direction with a more Latin flavored and had a sound very similar to Prince's Lovesexy album. Though she failed to garner a major chart hit from the set, aside from Hold Me hitting #3 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Chart, Sheila E., the album, was well received by critics and fans alike. Sheila continued to record music and began acting in films such as Krush Groove, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane and Prince's concert film Sign 'O' The Times. Sheila eventually joined Prince's new band, The New Power Generation, and recorded during his Sign 'O' The Times, Lovesexy and The Black Album period, coming back to tour with him every few years thereafter. She went on to record a few more albums in the 90s and play with artist like Phil Collins, Cyndi Lauper and even Beyoncé. Her last solo album, Icon, was released in 2013. She remains a renowned percussionist and sought after performer. Here are just a few of Sheila E.'s greatest for you to enjoy. Notice the man-on-man love in the last video, 1991's Sex Cymbal. Sheila loves the gays!! Be glamorous.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Madonna has accomplished the impossible: She's made me watch something with Terrence Howard in it!! The video for the second single from her amazing Rebel Heart album, Ghosttown, is finally here and well worth the wait. Set in a post-apocalyptic world with only Madonna, Howard and a secret onlooker surviving, the gorgeous ballad moves us through the desolate landscape where somehow Madonna remains flawless. DUH! Seriously though, the video is stunning and Madonna looks spectacular and, even I have to admit, Terrance Howard partners her pretty well in the tango! Here is Ghosttown. Love it or you're stupid.


Tove Lo is the tits!!! Her album, Queen of the Clouds, is so good it makes me want to pull my eyes out. That's good, y'all! The second single released from her debut album is the amazingly hump-tastic Talking Body. Why in the world this cut isn't tearing up the charts is beyond me (it's currently #37, inching up the charts). This sexy track from the sassy Swede has everything you'd want: smart lyrics, irony and the word "fuck" as many times as you want to say it!! "If you love me right we fuck for life" is one of my favorite lyrics in I don't know how long. GIRL!! The video is a minimalist fantasy that takes Tove through the course of a day with her perfect lover, only to run a game on him at the end. Take a look at the slightly NSFW clip below and feel like a sexy beast today. Hump something Swedish.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


....Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. Remember Leona Lewis? She won The X Factor is the UK and released this as her debut single there in 2007. It became the #1 single of 2007 there. Then in 2008 Leona's record label released her album in the US. Bleeding Love shot up the charts and hit #1 for a week, then went away for two weeks to make room for Mariah's Touch My Body, then back to #1 for another week, then gone again for a week while Lil' Wayne stepped in with Lollipop , then back again for two more weeks before ceding to Rihanna's Take A Bow. Settle down, bitch!! Anyway, the song ended up being the second biggest hit of 2008 in the US, behind Low by FloRida (basically the same song, right?) and making Leona potentially the next huge thing, with frequent comparisons to Mariah Carey. Well, that didn't happen. While she has continued with her success in her native UK and despite her debut album, Spirit, hitting #1 in the US, she has only charted one more album -- her sophomore effort Echo hit #13 in 2009 -- and two other top 40 hits in the American Hot 100 since. But, as far as one-hit wonders go, Bleeding Love is not a bad one to have under your belt. Am I right, ladies? The song has sold over 4 million digital downloads in the US alone and was the 7th most successful song on the Hot 100 from 2000 to 2009. Work, girl. Anyway, here is the #1 song from seven years ago today, Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love. Or as I like to sing it, "I keep peeing. Keep, keep peeing blood." You're welcome.


YES!! This is more like it, Hilary!! After a couple of questionable singles (Chasing the Sun and All About You) marking the return of Hilary Duff to the music scene, we finally get a worthy pop song of the would-be American Kylie. Her last full length album, the amazing 2007 release Dignity, was a dance floor delight: adult, sexy and cutting edge. Sparks puts Hilary back in the present scene with its club beats and catchy whistle refrain. Listen and love. Welcome back, Hilary!!! Hilary's new album, This Heart, has not set its release date as of yet. Let's hope there's a lot more of this!!!

Monday, April 6, 2015


I couldn't resist following up last week's Happy Monday Song (When I Think Of You) with another happy Janet classic. Escapade was the third single from Janet Jackson's mega-album Rhythm Nation 1814, also was the third of SEVEN top five hits and second of four #1 chart busters.  Janet gives an absolutely joyous vocal performance over the funky track and the video is classic Janet: intricate choreography and elaborate sets. Escapade reached #1 on March 3, 1990 and stayed at the apex for three weeks, becoming the 15th biggest hit of 1990. Now settle down with your morning beverage of choice, hit play and get ready to shake your ass and smile because Janet is going to take you on an Escapade!

Friday, April 3, 2015


Madonna has had twelve #1 singles on the US Hot 100. I know, not nearly enough, but what can you do? I would like to list them, 12 to 1, in order of my favorite #1 singles. This is like choosing your favorite child. No. It's harder. Some children are obviously superior to others, right? THIS IS MY SOPHIE'S CHOICE!!!Okay. Madonna has scored #1s in the 80s, 90s, and 00s, so there is a long history to get through here. Buckle up, bitches. Here they are, Madonna's #1 singles ranked. Happy Madonna Friday!!

12. Take A Bow (#1 for 7 weeks, 1995)

11. Who's That Girl (#1 for 1 week, 1987)

10. Music (#1 for 4 weeks, 2000)

09. Justify My Love (#1 for 2 weeks, 1991)

08. This Used To Be My Playground (#1 for 1 week, 1992)

07. Crazy For You (#1 for 1 week, 1985)

06. Like A Prayer (#1 for 3 weeks, 1989)

05. Like A Virgin (#1 for 6 weeks, 1984/5)

04. Papa Don't Preach (#1 for 2 weeks, 1986)

03. Live To Tell (#1 for 1 week, 1986)

02. Open Your Heart (#1 for 1 week, 1987)

01. Vogue (#1 for 3 weeks, 1990)

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Sia teams up with dancer Maddie Ziegler again for her latest video for beautiful single Big Girls Cry. This video focuses more on the diminutive dancer's face, showing the emotion she is capable of expressing using her face instead of her feet in this clip. She is really amazing. Here is Big Girls Cry.


Laura Branigan had one of those voices that is so strong and unique, you never mistake her for someone else. Laura had a few big hits in the 80s that have remained classics of their time. Though she began recording in the early 70s as part of the group Meadow, it took almost a decade for Branigan to hit the big time. Her debut solo album, Branigan, was released in 1982, featured her glorious four-octave range and the mega-hit Gloria. Its unforgettable melody and Laura's spot-on delivery kept the song on the radio for months and it reached #2 on the Hot 100 and earned her a Grammy nomination Best Pop Vocal Performance. In 1983 she contributed a song to the Grammy-nominated Flashdance soundtrack, Imagination, that is a stand out on the disk. Branigan 2 was also released in 1983 and contained two more hits: Solitaire (#7) and the Michael Bolton penned How Am I Supposed to Live Without You(#12). 1984 saw the release of Laura's biggest album worldwide, Self Control. The title track hit #1 in many countries and #4 on the Hot 100 in the US. The next single, The Lucky One became a top 20 hit. Self Control, the album, went platinum in the US, becoming her best selling album. Laura saw a few more songs hit the Hot 100 including Spanish Eddie (#40) in 1985 and The Power of Love (#26) in 1987. Yes, Celine, Laura did it first...well second. It was origanlly by Jennifer Rush. In 1990 Laura threw her dance shoes in the ring releasing the amazing club track Moonlight On Water, but sadly it wasn't a hit, only reaching #59 on the Hot 100. Boo, society! 1995 saw the release of The Best of Branigan that include a cover of the Donna Summer classic Dim All the Lights. Branigan kept performing all over the world for the next decade. Sadly in 2004 Laura died of an undiagnosed brain aneurysm. We lost a great voice in pop music, but what she leaves behind is a legacy of, first and foremost, that voice and music that made millions of people happy over the years. Here are some of Laura's biggest hits for you to enjoy. RIP Laura Branigan. I'm sure you are singing wherever you are.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Willam, oh she of the fierce body and potty mouth, has always kept her figure svelte and lovely, but as of late she has opted for a more, how does Tyra say it, "fiercely real" body. Here is a recent picture of the RuPaul's Drag Race alum. What do you think? Is she rocking it? Can anyone tell me the date today?


Happy birthday, Susan. The Britain's Got Talent singer runner-up is 54 today. Boyle's introduction to the world as a frumpy Scottish spinster, Boyle's amazing voice didn't seem to fit her appearance and garnered praise from the judges and the public alike. Since releasing her debut album, I Dreamed A Dream, in 2009, Susan has gone on to sell over 25 million albums worldwide and had two US and three UK #1 albums. Not too bad for a shy old gal. Happy birthday, Susan.


Legendary singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell was found unconscious in her Los Angeles home and rushed by ambulance to a nearby hospital. She is currently in intensive care where the latest reports claim she is awake and in good spirits. There is no word on what, if any, ailments the 71 year-old Canadian singer has, but she is undergoing tests and last December told Billboard that she had a rare skin condition which kept her from performing. The folk icon has had many hits on the Hot 100 in the 60s, 70s and 80s including Help Me, Chelsea Morning and Big Yellow Taxi. Let's keep Joni in our thoughts today and send out all the good vibes possible. Here are a couple of gems from this beloved lady.