Thursday, April 2, 2015


Laura Branigan had one of those voices that is so strong and unique, you never mistake her for someone else. Laura had a few big hits in the 80s that have remained classics of their time. Though she began recording in the early 70s as part of the group Meadow, it took almost a decade for Branigan to hit the big time. Her debut solo album, Branigan, was released in 1982, featured her glorious four-octave range and the mega-hit Gloria. Its unforgettable melody and Laura's spot-on delivery kept the song on the radio for months and it reached #2 on the Hot 100 and earned her a Grammy nomination Best Pop Vocal Performance. In 1983 she contributed a song to the Grammy-nominated Flashdance soundtrack, Imagination, that is a stand out on the disk. Branigan 2 was also released in 1983 and contained two more hits: Solitaire (#7) and the Michael Bolton penned How Am I Supposed to Live Without You(#12). 1984 saw the release of Laura's biggest album worldwide, Self Control. The title track hit #1 in many countries and #4 on the Hot 100 in the US. The next single, The Lucky One became a top 20 hit. Self Control, the album, went platinum in the US, becoming her best selling album. Laura saw a few more songs hit the Hot 100 including Spanish Eddie (#40) in 1985 and The Power of Love (#26) in 1987. Yes, Celine, Laura did it first...well second. It was origanlly by Jennifer Rush. In 1990 Laura threw her dance shoes in the ring releasing the amazing club track Moonlight On Water, but sadly it wasn't a hit, only reaching #59 on the Hot 100. Boo, society! 1995 saw the release of The Best of Branigan that include a cover of the Donna Summer classic Dim All the Lights. Branigan kept performing all over the world for the next decade. Sadly in 2004 Laura died of an undiagnosed brain aneurysm. We lost a great voice in pop music, but what she leaves behind is a legacy of, first and foremost, that voice and music that made millions of people happy over the years. Here are some of Laura's biggest hits for you to enjoy. RIP Laura Branigan. I'm sure you are singing wherever you are.


  1. She was amazing! The tone of her voice was always great, going from a sigh to a wail with dynamic perfection. She draws me in with every song. I hope there's more of her music out there, to be discovered. Miss her.

  2. Laura Branigan was born July 3, 1952. It was her brother Billy who was born 1957, Feb 28 to be exactly. Visit for very rare photos from the 50's as a child, Byram Hills High School from 60's and American Academy of Dramatic Arts from the 70's, and much more.