Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Tove Lo is the tits!!! Her album, Queen of the Clouds, is so good it makes me want to pull my eyes out. That's good, y'all! The second single released from her debut album is the amazingly hump-tastic Talking Body. Why in the world this cut isn't tearing up the charts is beyond me (it's currently #37, inching up the charts). This sexy track from the sassy Swede has everything you'd want: smart lyrics, irony and the word "fuck" as many times as you want to say it!! "If you love me right we fuck for life" is one of my favorite lyrics in I don't know how long. GIRL!! The video is a minimalist fantasy that takes Tove through the course of a day with her perfect lover, only to run a game on him at the end. Take a look at the slightly NSFW clip below and feel like a sexy beast today. Hump something Swedish.

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