Tuesday, April 7, 2015


....Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. Remember Leona Lewis? She won The X Factor is the UK and released this as her debut single there in 2007. It became the #1 single of 2007 there. Then in 2008 Leona's record label released her album in the US. Bleeding Love shot up the charts and hit #1 for a week, then went away for two weeks to make room for Mariah's Touch My Body, then back to #1 for another week, then gone again for a week while Lil' Wayne stepped in with Lollipop , then back again for two more weeks before ceding to Rihanna's Take A Bow. Settle down, bitch!! Anyway, the song ended up being the second biggest hit of 2008 in the US, behind Low by FloRida (basically the same song, right?) and making Leona potentially the next huge thing, with frequent comparisons to Mariah Carey. Well, that didn't happen. While she has continued with her success in her native UK and despite her debut album, Spirit, hitting #1 in the US, she has only charted one more album -- her sophomore effort Echo hit #13 in 2009 -- and two other top 40 hits in the American Hot 100 since. But, as far as one-hit wonders go, Bleeding Love is not a bad one to have under your belt. Am I right, ladies? The song has sold over 4 million digital downloads in the US alone and was the 7th most successful song on the Hot 100 from 2000 to 2009. Work, girl. Anyway, here is the #1 song from seven years ago today, Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love. Or as I like to sing it, "I keep peeing. Keep, keep peeing blood." You're welcome.

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