Monday, April 30, 2012


DAY 8: Well, the fast yesterday was not only easy, but kind of a delight! Not only was I not hungry all day, I felt and FEEL light, energetic and happy. Got up to do my 6 AM lower body workout today, rocked it, got on the scale and.....I'VE LOST 7 POUNDS!! I knew I was losing some weight and I didn't have the bloat I always felt I had, but SEVEN POUNDS??? Yep. The power of veggies, m'friends! Drank my juice on the train on the way to work this morning listening to Madonna (NOTHING better than that) and settled in for a day of work. Last night my hubby and I made up a batch of that Mexican Pilaf we had on Saturday to take to work today. YUMMY! It is so delicious it makes me want to cry. Needless to say, I devoured it like I hadn't eaten in years. The afternoon at work was same ol' some ol'. Got home and decided to have my juice, settle down and watch Friends while I drifted off into a nap. I woke up and had a little, top secret project to do. Then had to write this all down before RuPaul's Drag Race finale started!! It's gonna be a fun evening!!! TEAM SHARON NEEDLES!! Okay. Gotta run. See you on Day 9!

6:00 AM - Water w/ lemon and cayenne Lower body workout
7:10 AM - SunWarrior Protein w/ Coconut Water
8:00 AM - Green juice
9:45 AM - Handful of mixed nuts
12:00 PM - LUNCH - Mexican Pilaf
1:45 PM - Herbal tea
3:00 PM - SNACK - Gluten Free Rice Crackers w/ Hummus and Green Garlic Dressing
5:00 PM - Green Juice w/ Aloe & Coconut water, Rice Crackers with guacamole
8:30 PM - Mixed salad with Raw Veggies and Green Garlic Salad with Apple Cider Vinegar


Rihanna seems to be back on track with the video for Where Have You Been, the fifth single from her Talk That Talk album. It's definitely one of the standout tracks on the record and the best single from it since We Found Love for sure. (They've picked the wrong songs for singles in my opinion) Anyhoo, the video is great, showing off RiRi's moves and letting her look all kinds of faboosh throughout. Nicely done, Rihanna. Stay away from Chris Brown and keep this up.


Music, movies, more music, some doobies; Willie Nelson has had a great career so far. One of the legends of country music, Willie turns 79 today! I have listened to good ol' Willie my whole life and in the past few years have come to admire him even more for his stand for the gay community. Nelson even contributed a song to the Brokeback Mountrain soundtrack, Cowboys are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other, and has been quoted thus:
"Rednecks, hippies, misfits — we're all the same. Gay or straight? So what? It doesn't matter to me. We have to be concerned about other people, regardless. I don't like seeing anybody treated unfairly. It sticks in my craw. I hold on to the values from my childhood."
AMEN, WILLIE!! Nelson has many, many songs that I love, but I'll just share a few today. Enjoy this legendary musician and keep on ridin' and smokin', Willie.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


DAY 7: Well, our super is going to (fingers crossed) fix our bathroom today. It's totally usable except there's no light or electricity. It's not like we use a lot of electrical appliances in there anyway. We're guys after all. So I got up at 7:30 today for no apparent reason besides I was awake and feelin' good. Obviously we didn't got to the party that we were scheduled for last night due to the maintenance issues in our apartment. So upon awaking I had my water with lemon and cayenne and a nice herbal tea. Now, to fast or not to fast? That is the question? We are going to try. The fast, of course as I explained yesterday, is not a day of ingesting nothing. On the contrary, we can have as much juice as we wish all day. It doesn't sound that hard actually. I really like the green juices, so unless the urge to chew kicks in, we should be fine. "We" of course being my husband and I. lest you think I am using the royal "we". Ha. Anyway, I decided to juice as much as we had left in the fridge this morning, so I did just that. We are set for a couple of juices now I think. OH, I forgot to mention one exciting thing that happened yesterday: I got two tickets to see Stevie Nicks at the Beacon on July 2nd. I have never seen her and I've loved her almost my entire life. YAY!! Okay. Onward with the day. The super showed up on time (miracles never cease) and got the ceiling fixed, the lights back on and did the first round of plastering. He'll have to come back in a couple of days to finish the rest. So that's done for today. YAY!! We decided to take a little walk and pick up some juice to take with us for the afternoon, just to get some sun and fresh air because it was BEAUTIFUL outside today in NYC. We walked up Riverside Park and visited our bestie who is getting married in May!! (Hi, Jason!) Wedding talk (and some cleanse and exercise talk) ensued, and of course some light gossip. Then it was off to the Apple Store, Gap, Banana Republic, American Apparel, Juice Bar and grocery store. We got home and relaxed because we walked a lot and I'm old. I had an herbal tea because I can and you can't stop me. At about 7 o'clock I had my final juice of the day and I gotta tell you, I was satisfied all day long just having the green juices. It never crossed my mind to eat something or break the fast, so this cleanse really can change the way you think about what you put in your body and what your body does and does not need. HOORAY!! Week 2 lies ahead and I am ready and rarin' to go. VEGGIES FOREVER!! (sorry. It's the positivity talking)

7:30 AM - Water w/ lemon and cayenne
8:30 AM -Green Juice & Herbal Tea
12:30 PM - Green Lemonade
4:30 PM - Green Juice
7:00 PM - Green Juice


I AM FINALLY SEEING STEVIE NICKS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!! After countless years of worshiping at the feet of the Witchy Wonderwoman herself, I am finally getting to see Stevie on July 2nd at the Beacon here in NYC. I cannot be more excited about this. She is a true rock goddess. Stand Back was on constant play for about a year in my bedroom as a child, along with If Anyone Falls, I Can't Wait, Beauty & the Beast, Leather and Lace, Talk to Me, Edge of Seventeen, Stop Dragging My Heart Around, et al. Then of course I loved all of the Fleetwood Mac stuff, and more recently in this 00s when she started finally releasing new music again, Stevie showed that true talent is ageless. I thought I'd share some of my fave Stevie with you on this lovely Sunday. Enjoy some of her biggest hits and greatest songs. Have a wonderful day, all.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


DAY 6: Well, it's the first weekend on the cleanse. I have a party to go to tonight, so we'll see how well I hold up under the pressure of booze and food. I think I'll be fine. Woke up at 7:30 this morning and had my water w/ lemon and cayenne before heading off to the gym for my last workout of the week. I did the cardio and meditated in the sauna for 5 minutes. Came back and my hubby was awake so we made our morning juice together and drank it from our Red Neck Wine Glasses that my sisters gave us for our wedding. So cute!! (pictured) THEN OUR BATHROOM CEILING STARTED LEAKING!! What? Yes. I ran upstairs to find out the one thing no one wants to know....... our upstairs neighbors toilet was overflowing and leaking into our bathroom. Gross. They stopped the overflowing and the leaking eventually stopped, so we were trying to get the super to come up and assess the damage. The light wasn't working anymore and there was a big bubble of water on the wall. Ew! Since the super wasn't available right away, we decided to get out of the house for a bit. So we spent the afternoon doing a little walking around and some light shopping. Stopped off in a juice shop for a little green juice and my hubby ordered a shot of wheat grass that he very much enjoyed. We got back home later and decided to have a dear friend over for dinner. We made a recipe from the Crazy Sexy Diet book, Mexican Pilaf, and let me tell you....IT WAS FREAKIN' DELICIOUS BEYOND BELIEF!!! I mean, better than almost anything I've ever been involved in making. Then, we settled down to watch First Wives Club, because....well....HELLO! About 20 minutes into the movie the super showed up. He started working on the wall and as we speak he is trying to fix the light. Looks like the power is out in the bathroom, but we can live one night with that. As long as he is up here and acknowledging the problem, we are 99% ahead of most NYC apartment buildings. Ha. All in all, the 6th day was pretty fantastic I would say. We haven't fully decided, but every 7th day of the cleanse is a juice fast. I am pretty sure we are going to do it, but you'll get that update tomorrow. See you then!

9:00 AM - Cardio workout
10:00 AM - BREAKFAST - Green Juice
12:30 PM -LUNCH - Salad w/ Raw Veggies, Black & Garbanzo beans, Avocado and Green Garlic Salad
3:30 PM - Green Juice
8:00 PM - Mexican Pilaf



Friday, April 27, 2012


DAY 5: First full week of work on the cleanse done! Last heavy workout of the week done! Weekend temptation ahead. Ha. This morning was great. I awoke for my 6 AM workout and had my water w/ lemon, a bathroom stop and I was off. I'm not gonna lie, my upper body workout was a challenge this morning, but then again, Friday workouts are always the hardest, aren't they? As my daily focus says though, "when the going gets tough, the tough get GROUNDED". You have to remember what you goals are the WHOLE time you are doing this cleanse. I'm sure that will come in handy this weekend when I'm at parties and out with friends. Okay. Instead of juicing at home this morning I treated myself to a juice from Westerly (pictured and almost empty) and it was SUPER delicious and ridiculously expensive. Ha. Worth it for a Friday morning though. I wasn't able to read my daily inspiration and affirmation on the train because my hands were full of veggie deliciousness, so when I got to work I sat down and read through them and they lifted me up even higher, y'all! OH!! I KEEP FORGETTING!!! Stevia is very important. I have it with my tea. It's an all natural sweetener that comes in packets like the artificial sweeteners, but it's all natural and super sweet. You will be uber-satisfied with it!!! My mint tea and Fleetwood Mac had me working like a champ all morning. Simple lunch, work, work, break for a snack, work, work. Whew. Busy afternoon...NOT. I got home, had a little snack and took what can only be described as an epic nap. SOOOOO good. Finally came dinner and time with my hubby. Let's head into the weekend and kill all those temptations that await.

6:00 AM - Water w/ Lemon and Cayenne. Upper body workout
7:15 AM - SunWarrior Protein w/ Coconut water
8:00 AM - Green Juice
9:50 AM - Mint Herbal Tea w/ Stevia
10:45 AM - SNACK - Brown Rice Cake with Raw Almond Butter
12:00 PM - LUNCH - Carrots and Broccoli w/ Hummus
2:15 PM - SNACK - Handful of mixed nuts
5:00 PM - SNACK - Rice crackers w/ Hummus
7:30 PM - DINNER - Mock Tuna Salad, Black & Red Beans and Sauerkraut w/ Apple Cider Vinegar


One of my fave lady singers of all time, Ms. Sheena Easton, is 53 today. Sheena shot to fame in the (very) early 80s with her song Morning Train and stole my heart with her sexy ways. She moved on to become a lady-friend of Prince for a while, recording some sexy songs with and by him and then some more pop gems of her own. Sheena is a class act. Celebrate her fully by watching videos below. Happy b-day, you Scottish vixen!

Sheena Easton - The Lover In Me by coolfunk


The fact that this song was never a GIGANTOID hit still bothers me to this day. Bad Girl was the third single from the superb Erotica album. Much like the album itself, the single did not receive the attention it deserved. YES, I'M BITTER ABOUT IT!!! The song peaked at #36. F-that!! Okay. I took a deep breath and I am calm now. The song is a ballad about a girl who is having a wee little problem with promiscuity. She is a party girl, sleeping with man after man (so far, so good) who is tired of her lonely lifestyle (okay. you lost me). The video is truly a masterpiece. It's a mini-film in itself with Madonna, looking drop-dead gorgeous, playing "Louise Ciccone", a business woman who is also a nymphomaniac, picking up men and keeping underwear in her purse and an extra suit at the office, just in case. Christopher Walken is her guardian angel/angel of death who is trying to save her from danger that is lurking in the city. Just watch and marvel. I would go as far as to say that Bad Girl is my favorite Madonna video of all time. I can watch it over and over. If you don't like it, you clearly cannot be trusted to make your own decisions in life. Here's Bad Girl.

Madonna - Bad Girl by Warner-Music</

Thursday, April 26, 2012


DAY 4: And we're off. Today started nice and smooth. I awoke at 7 AM, did my business (gross, I know, but this will happen a lot on the cleanse. THINK THIN!) and cut up some more lemon to take to work. My hubby and I had fun and used some awesome team work last night to make green juice to put in Mason jars (which you should TOTALLY get to keep air out of your juice if you keep it in the fridge overnight. Fill them to the brim and close 'em up) so my breakfast was all ready for me this morning. I have realized that, workout-wise, I like do my lifting in the morning and my cardio in the afternoon, so last night I was able to stay up an hour later and catch up on some much needed tv time. America's Next Top Model: British Invasion (guilty pleasure), The Good Wife (favorite show on tv) and Girls (fast-becoming favorite show on tv), anyone? Anyhoo, I had my delicious, chilled juice this morning and, in a great mood, took off to work. On the train I didn't get a seat, but I pulled out my trusty iPad to read my morning affirmation and "prayer" (I don't like using that word for what it is, so I think I'll call it inspiration from now on.) and felt happy when I got to work. Hilarity ensued all morning talking to the lovely ladies I work with. We're a bawdy bunch. Work, work, work. Morning snack. Before I forget, it's important to know that I drink water ALL DAY LONG. You must drink your water. You can add lemon, cayenne or apple cider vinegar if you want something with a bite. But drink that water, people! Your skin will love you for it. It might even marry you. Lunch was super simple with just broccoli, carrots and hummus. Gotta love hummus. And then more work, work, work. It was a pretty calm afternoon. I then headed home, listening to some Annie Lennox on the train, and stopping by the Westerly for some more groceries. You will be taking a few trips to the market on this cleanse, so get on board with that right away. I hopped on my home elliptical for my cardio while watching Friends (yes, I watch reruns of Friends for an hour every day after getting home from work. Deal with it). Unfortunately my hubby had a work thing again tonight, so I didn't get much time with him, but he did stop by before he left. I'll take it. All in all, some of the things I discovered on Day 4 of the cleanse; when I feel good I'm nicer to others; my energy level seems to be up a bit; and finally I CAN DO IT!! Stay tuned for Day 5.

7:15 AM - Water w/ Lemon and Cayenne
7:40 AM - BREAKFAST - Green Juice
9:30 AM -  Herbal tea with Stevia
10:40 AM - Handful of mixed nuts
12:00 PM - LUNCH - Broccoli & Carrots with Hummus
3:30 PM - Snack - Brown Rice Cake with Raw Almond Butter
5:00 PM - Cardio workout
5:40 PM - SNACK - organic brown rice snaps w/ all natural black bean dip
7:15 PM - DINNER - Green Juice w/ Coconut water.


The Queen takes the stage and answers question submitted by fans and even leaves her mark on one, giving him a thrill and a gift that will last for a lifetime!! Oh, and a little acapella treat for the New Yorkers. Watch as Madge reigns over the crowds at her April 12th launch of her fragrance Truth or Dare at Macy's in New York City. She seems at ease and confident, but wouldn't you be in a room full of people who worship you? Looking every bit the glamorous star that she is, her answers and appearance did NOT disappoint. Watch below.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


DAY 3: This morning started off with a bang! After my morning water w/ lemon and cayenne, I was off to the gym for my 6:00 AM workout. When I first got there the nice young lady who works at the front desk decided she wanted to talk to me and it kinda threw my concentration -- well, what little I have at 6 AM -- off kilter. Anyhoo.......the workout went very well, but then after I left the gym I realized I had no idea where my keys were!! AHHH! I ran like my ass was on fire back up to the gym and spent about 10 minutes frantically searching all over the place for my keys until some nice man in the locker room asked me if I was searching for them and told me he saw some keys down in the stretching area on some mats. THERE THEY WERE!! Crisis averted. I ran home to shower and make my morning juice, again, frantically because I was now officially running behind. Of course, "running behind" for me is still about 15 minutes ahead of schedule. I'm a nerd  like that. Oh, then a cab tried to hit me on the way to work, which I handled with the standard New Yorker flipping of the bird and a nicely places expletive. But I digress. Take a deep breath. Move on. On the train I did my morning meditation and read my daily affirmation and "prayer", which is really just putting good thoughts out into the universe. Lunch was awesome (see pic at right and description below) and filled my belly up. The afternoon found me working with a slight headache, which is to be expected at some point during the first few day, but it faded away within an hour. A nice snack at 2:30 held me over until I could get more of my juice at, which I just mixed up with a recipe of my own, at 5:30. It was tart and spicy and me likey a lot! AND finally for dinner I had quinoa salad with Apple Cider Vinegar, avocado and more of the delicious sauerkraut. My husband was FINALLY getting a night at home this week (he is very busy, so the cleanse is even harder for him I think) so we sat and had some quality time after dinner. Yay!! Day 3 and I killed it!!! Stay tuned!

6:00 AM - Water w/ Lemon and Cayenne.  Lower Body Workout
7:20 AM - BREAKFAST - Make Juice, Not War Green Juice and 3 strawberries
9:45 AM - Herbal Tea
10:30 AM - Snack - 1 Apple with Raw Unsalted Almond Butter
12:00 PM - LUNCH - Raw Mock Tuna Salad w/ Organic Ruby Sauerkraut and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. Water w/ Lemon
2:30 PM - Snack - 10 Gluten-Free Rice Crackers w/ All Natural Hummus
5:30 PM - Cucumber, Celery, Lemon & Ginger juice with cayenne and SunWarrior Plant-based Protein
7:30 PM - Quinoa salad with Apple Cider Vinegar, Sauerkraut and avocado. 


Exciting!!! George Michael has a little gift for all of us fans who were worried when he had to cancel his tour due to illness earlier in the year, a new song!! Michael took to his twitter on Monday and tweeted:
YAY!! White Light is the name of the new album that he is proclaiming will have us shaking our patooties. Michael also had this to say:
"I've been a busy boy in the studio this week, mixing symphonica and finally ready to write about what happened to me in Vienna.....And how grateful I am to be given another chance to live and breathe alongside you all in this wonderful world that we share...You may recall my reference to those strange individuals who took the time to pray for my death as I lay in my hospital bed back in November...But don't think I don't realise how many of you out there prayed for my recovery. I thank you all from the deepest part of my soul xxx...And i will repay your unending kindness the only way I know how. With music. Yesterday I began to write a song called "White Light". It's for all of you, for everyone who prayed for me, for every one of you who has prayed for me, for every person who has stopped me in the streets to ask me how I'm doing, you have made me feel so blessed. And I promise you it's a blinder. :)"

Awesome! There's always a little room in our lives for more dancing and more George Michael. No word on when the song will be released yet.


I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) by George Michael and Aretha Franklin. I remember very clearly how everyone lost their freakin' minds over George Michael recording with Aretha. I am a HUGE George Michael fan, but I am not a huge fan of Franklin. I DO, however, love her 80s duets. This song and Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves with the Eurythmics in particular. I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) was a one-off song recorded simply because of the fact that George wanted to record with Aretha and it ended up hitting #1 in both the UK and on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song was Aretha's first and only #1 song in the UK, Michael's third consecutive solo #1 hit in the UK and fourth overall #1 hit in the US, including his songs with Wham! Of course, after the release of this song neither of them was ever heard from again. Ha. I really do love this song though and it makes me remember fondly the days with Aretha Franklin had a neck. Enjoy the video for the #1 song 25 years ago today, I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me).

George Michael & Aretha Franklin - I Knew You... by AuronTheBossAndTheBest

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


DAY 2: Sometimes work gets in the way of your cleanse. Or to put it better......sometimes some of the f**king morons you work with get in the way of your cleanse. I didn't get to even take a breath between 9 AM and 12:15 PM because of the disorganization happening in the workplace, but I finally made it through the wilderness (somehow I made it through-hoo-oo). Following a disastrous morning, I can at least report that I was still full of energy from my breakfast juice and herbal tea, so that's kind of amazing. Right? Anyhoo, my husband reminded me that sometimes emotions ride high on the cleanse, but I am pretty sure this was just a reaction to the assholes I was dealing with. Well, 75% sure. Oh, well. CLEANSING BREATH and...... after my excellent salad for lunch I felt TONS better. I literally felt like a different person. See the power of veggies!!! I decided to take a little time off from work this afternoon (shout out to my AWESOME supervisor!) and go to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get some fridge organizers. My fridge's cups runneth over with raw veggies. That sounds kinda gross, but tastes delicious. I will tell you, organizing or cleaning is one of the best ways to make yourself forget all your problems in life and just concentrate on one positive thing that will make you feel good. It totally works! I felt so much better after that. Then I had an perfect elliptical workout at good ol' NYSC. Sweating out toxins is my life. I'm exaggerating. Okay. Then my dinner was so good I could die (see below). If there are two things in my life I really need other than love and Madonna it is now Organic Ruby Sauerkraut and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. The latter you can even use in just water for a pick-me-up and it's DELISH!! I wouldn't suggest putting the sauerkraut in water, but it's your life. Okay. Day 2 down. Gotta go. Stay tuned for Day 3!!!!

7:30 AM - BREAKFAST - Urban Zen Juice w/ Aloe and Coconut Water
8:30 AM - Herbal Tea
12:25 PM - LUNCH - Salad with Raw Veggies, Black and Kidney beans and mixed nuts. Green Garlic Dressing.
3:00 PM - Snack. Banana, the chunks of watermelon and Water w/ Aloe
4:00 PM - Cardio workout
5:15 PM - Make Juice Not War Green Juice
7:00 PM - DINNER -  Raw Mock Tuna Salad w/ Organic Ruby Sauerkraut and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar


Babs is 70 today!!! She is still kickin' and goin' and even has a movie coming out soon and a film version of Gypsy (back) in the works. Here's a couple of clips that I'm personally obsessed with and you will be too if you are a living human being. They aren't exactly rare, but they are fantastical. Enjoy and rejoice all that is Streisand.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Day 1 DOWN!!! I did it and it was kind of a breeze! The cleanse for the first day was better than I could have expected. Starting off with a workout and following up with a juice turns out to be the best way to start my day. I was afraid that I would be really hungry by lunch, but a fit of water with lemon and cayenne and a handful of nuts (no comments) did the trick. Hopefully every day will be as easy as the first. I never felt bloated or gross like I do when I eat some kind of meat sandwich for lunch with a diet soda, that's for sure. My energy level stayed up and my concentration was fine. OH, and the juice that I had for breakfast and dinner was DELICIOUS, but does take some time to prep and make. Time well spent though. Anyhoo, read below to see how my day went and marvel in my self control. See you tomorrow. Day 2 will be MINE!!! And remember, all the juice and smoothie recipes I use are in the Crazy Sexy Diet book.

6:15 AM - Water w/ Lemon and Cayenne Pepper, Upper Body Workout.
7:15 AM - Breakfast - Urban Zen Juice w/ Sun Warrior Protein Powder. 5 minute meditation.
9:15 AM - Water w/ Lemon and Cayenne
11:00 AM - Handful of mixed, raw, organic nuts
12:00 PM - LUNCH - Raw veggie salad with nutritional yeast (sound gross, but it's yummy) and Annie's Organic Green Garlic Dressing.
12:15 PM - Mint Medley Herbal Tea
2:30 PM - Snack - Brown Rice Cake w/ Raw Almond Butter
5:00 PM - Snack - Gluten Free Sesame Seed Rice Crackers and Hummus
6:45 PM - DINNER - Urban Zen Juice w/ Coconut Water and Herbal Aloe Force. 2 tbs of Spicy Power-fu Salad. Herbal Tea.


Wow! Remember when Whitney ruled the world? On this very day in 1988 Whitney Houston scored her 7th consecutive #1 song when Where Do Broken Hearts Go from her sophomore album Whitney hit the top spot on the Hot 100. Houston's streak began with Saving All My Love For You on October 26, 1985 and was followed by How Will I Know, Greatest Love of All, I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Love Me) and Didn't We Almost Have It All. All instant classics. Houston legacy lives on and no one has beaten this record since 1988. I think it might be a while before someone does. Enjoy Whitney 7th #1 song, Where Do Broken Hearts Go.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Tomorrow is the big day!!! Our (my husband and mine) 21 day cleanse that starts our Crazy Sexy Diet kicks off in full swing tomorrow morning. In preparation we went to our local (and so lucky to have) health food, organic, all around amazy corner grocery store, the Westerly Natural Food Market. Aside from having all the organic, raw groceries and powders and supplements we needed, they also MAKE a lot of the food so that on lazy days we can just buy it already made. Now you must know that you WILL spend a little more money if you are doing the cleanse because it's very specific in what you eat. Let's just say it's good we won't be eating out or spending money on booze for the next three weeks. Will you have to live that way for the rest of your life? No. You can ease up a bit after the initial 21 days, but the goal is to pay attention to your body and see how good it feels to treat it right. For the next 21 days, as you will read along with me, I will be avoiding wheat, dairy, sugar, caffeine, gluten, meat, animal products and ALCOHOL!!! I'm guessing the last will be the hardest! Ha. I am glad my hubby is doing it with me, and a lot of the reason why is because he wants to support me. He's awesome like that. But we are stocked and prepared. Off on a health adventure. Stay tuned for the Day 1 diary tomorrow evening. Should be entertaining. And don't forget to take a look into the Crazy Sexy Diet for yourself if you get a chance. It's a good read and you may be as inspired as I.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Madonna is not one to complain, but she is one to give her opinion. In the summer of 1998, Madonna was riding high off the critical and commercial success of her Ray of Light album, and the dreamy, ethereal song Drowned World/Substitute for Love analyzed that success and how it factored into Madge's life. As much a criticism of herself as the trappings of fame, the song was introspective, enlightening and a refreshing look behind the curtain of a superstar's life. Though the song was not released in the US, it was a top 10 hit in the UK and the video is pretty awesome. Directed by Walter Stern, it shows a typical, frantic day in the life of Madonna, with stalkers and hangers-on who want nothing more than a piece of her fame. The bizarre special effects used on the faces of the wannabes is creepy and sends a very pointed message about not being able to trust anyone when you are living in a bubble. Don't feel sorry for Madonna though, because she comes home to a loving child and a very comfortable life. Enjoy the video for Drowned World/Substitute for Love.


Well, the change I was referring to last week that will be happening on my blog is all about health. Along with still giving you bits and pieces of the pop culture I love so, I am embarking on 1) a 21 day cleanse and 2) hopefully a fully healthier lifestyle. I know, I know, who hasn't done this a million times. You wake up with a hangover saying, "I'm never drinking again" or you unbutton your pants after a fatty meal and and say, "I'm never eating that much again". Well, I've done those things too many times. While I feel I'm in pretty good shape, I know that I'm not treating my body the best way I possibly can. So looking around for ways to motivate myself, some friends of mine suggested looking into Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet. Kris chronicles her journey from cancer to wellness to health guru and shares the knowledge she gained along the way to help you become a super healthy sexy bitch. I'm so excited to start it and I will be getting things underway with the 21 day cleanse on Monday!!! I will be using this blog to do my daily diary and hopefully you will follow along, or even join me (you have a couple of days to devour the book) and share in my ups and downs and, fingers crossed, ultimate triumph! Now, this doesn't mean I'm turning my whole blog into some hippy-dippy, grass eating craziness, it's just going to be a new part of what I do here on That's a Good Blog.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I will be starting to make some changes in the content of my blog coming fairly soon. A lot more focus will be put on lifestyle and health as I am embarking on a journey soon that will hopefully change my body and spirit and help me make even healthier choices. Stay tuned and take the journey with me. Details to come.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Always finding a way to keep it fresh, Madonna reworked many of her classics on, in my opinion, her best tour ever, The Confessions Tour. This mashup of 1984's Lucky Star and 2005's Hung Up is stellar!! Doing her best ABBA and engaging her backup singers, Donna De Lory and Nicki Richards, Madonna romps around the stage with her light-up cape, igniting the arena into a frenzy. I remember watching this number at MSG and thinking I had died and gone to heaven. FYI, I didn't. I'm still here and ready for the MDNA World Tour at Yankee Stadium. Anyhoo, watch this excellent performance and have a Happy Madonna Friday!


Madonna launched her new fragrance, Truth or Dare, at Macy's in Herald Square in New York City yesterday. Although I didn't fight the crowds to see my icon, I could feel her presence all around me as I laid on my couch and watched Family Guy. But that's my life and I won't go into it any further. Madonna wore a see-through Dolce & Gabbana dress over a black bodysuit, and DAYUM she looked good. Duh! Apparently Madonna sold 300 bottles of her $150 perfume at Macy's and gave fans some extras with their purchase: mini-bottles of the eau de parfum and body lotions, a T-shirt, a deluxe copy of Madonna’s new album, MDNA, and the 1991 “Truth or Dare” documentary on Blu-ray disc. I'd say that was money well spent. Below is the TV ad that's been airing for Madonna's Truth or Dare. I love her so much I could die.


I GOTTA HAVE THESE!!!!! Diet Coke, which I have had a torrid affair with for years, is now officially my #1 mistress. The soft drink giant has unveiled three limited edition bottles, one inspired by Madonna, designed by the new creative director of Diet Coke, fashion designer and genius Jean Paul Gaultier. The bottles, shown over there ---> features Madonna classic cone bra outfit designed by Gaultier for her 1990 Blond Ambition Tour. It's the one on the left in case you are Amish and don't get the reference. Unfortunately, these bottles are for a campaign only in Europe, so US fans are S.O.L., but I do have the commercial for you. Enjoy and if anyone in Europe reading this wants to send me the Madonna bottle, I won't be mad at'cha.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


...Turn Up the Radio!!! I think this would be perfection! It screams summer song to me. It's upbeat, light, happy and begging you to roll the windows down on your car and jam. Madonna's manager Guy Oseary tweeted in response to someone saying that TUTR should be the next single:

So that's the info we have now. If you haven't heard the song or you haven't bought the album (SHAME ON YOU!) here is Turn Up the Radio below. It's summer-tastic! Hope the video is sickening! PRESS PLAY!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Just three weeks after Give Me All Your Luvin' became her 41st #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play charts, Madonna is back on top with Girl Gone Wild. The second single from MDNA jumps from 4-1 on the chart posting tomorrow. Girl Gone Wild joins a long list of ultra-recognizable Madonna classics at the top of the chart which she has ruled since 1983. The video, released last week, brought more attention to the song with it's black and white glamour and sexy male dancers in heels. Madonna's album became the top selling album not just in the US but in the WORLD last week, selling upwards of 750,000 copies worldwide. Oh, and don't forget that her MDNA World Tour will probably be the most successful tour by a solo artist of all time, besting her LAST tour. Girl gone FIERCE is more like it.


RuPaul has FINALLY released a video for my fave track off her album Glamazon called...well....Glamazon. The video has some new faces, mainly the dolls from this season of RuPaul's Drag Race, and some famous faces as well: Jennifer Tilly, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Wynonna Judd, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Kelly Osbourne and MORE!!! Of course, as with every season, we already know who the winner of Drag Race is.....RuPAUL!! Duh! ha. Ru is looking gorgeous in this electrotastic extravaganza. Watch and love Glamazon featuring the top 3 for season 4, Sharon Needles, Chad Michaels and Phi Phi O'Hara and serving Sega realness.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Madonna's manager Guy Oseary threw her a surprise party before rehearsals of her upcoming world tour. She didn't even know that MDNA had gone #1 yet. She's kinda busy, y'all! Check it out below and see how Madonna thanks Guy for his service. Good stuff. Yes, that's Madonna's song B-Day Song (ft. M.I.A.) playing in the background.


This is pretty damn cute! Two musical giants from as far back as the 70s and 80s have topped the Billboard 200 album chart this week. Madonna's MDNA, as expected, tops the list selling 359,000 copies in it's first week, her highest tally since 2000's Music, and Lionel Richie debuts at #2 with his latest, Tuskegee, with 199,000 sold. MDNA places Madonna second on the list of female artists with the most #1 albums with 8. Only Barbra Streisand is ahead of her with 9. I'm guessing Madge will tie that one. The last time Madonna and Lionel Richie were on the charts together was way back on October 4, 1986 when Dancing on the Ceiling was the #1 album and Madonna's former #1 True Blue was at #5. Looks like old times again.

Billboard reports:
"Madonna started the Twitter love-fest, sending "Congrats on a successful record. To the other Richie in my life," to her fellow chart-topper. Richie replied, "What's going on family? Can you believe we are sitting on the top of the charts together again? There is no one I would rather be on top with. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you," to which Madonna joked, "OK, but as long as I'm on top.......Madonna continued to joke with Richie, asking, "Remember when we were neighbors?" He replied, "Do I remember?!?! ... The only problem I had is when I came out of my house the fans would ask me where you live? I was the tour guide for the street. The neighborhood was never the same after you left." And in response to Madonna's "You still live in that shithole?" Richie answered, "Hell no!! I moved out right behind you. The street wasn't exciting anymore."

Well congrats to both of the musical icons, but remember who's on top! Ha.