Thursday, February 20, 2014


What is gay hell? Katy Perry, or as she is called in this mess Katy-Patra (I can't), has really gone out of her way with her latest album, Prism, to ruin the music video art form. Roar was such an eyesore it made me hate that song even more and now she's gone and made a tacky video for one of the best songs on her album!!! Dark Horse is a good song, y'all!! But his video is like a Pepto Bismol covered mummy turd. THAT GRILL???? I know she is trying to be funny, but this is not working for me, girl. Seriously, this video makes Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)'s look like an episode of Downton Abbey. Don't you know you have gays judging you, yet you put flaming hot Cheetos and twinkies in your music video? No, Katy. Bad! Bad, Katy!! If you can stomach it, here is the video that is making Elizabeth Taylor bitch slap an angel right about now, Katy Perry's Dark Horse. Try to erase this from your mind and just listen to the song afterwards.

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