Friday, February 28, 2014


In 1994 Madonna was set to release her album Bedtime Stories. The first single, Secret, was a return to her R&B roots that she hadn't visited since her first, self-titled album. Secret, written by Madonna, Dallas Austin and Shep Pettibone, was released September 27, 1994 and reached #3 on the Hot 100. It was also a return to focusing on the music for the public after her much maligned, yet brilliant experiment with the overtly sexual album Erotica. Bedtime Stories was much more subdued and soft. The sexy, sensuous video, directed by Melodie McDaniel,  is shot in black and white on location in Harlem, at Lenox Lounge and on the streets. It tells the story of Madonna dating a hot-as-hell dude who has a secret. Watch and find out what it is. Madonna looks H-O-T in this video. I mean girl is rocking the bleached out hair and nose ring. And….HELLO, TITS!!! So watch and enjoy the smooth groove of Madonna's Secret. Happy Madonna Friday!!!

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