Thursday, March 5, 2015


Day 4 got off with a walk in the snow to the gym. It was pretty. Did my cardio and bundled up to head back home. Had my special water, made my salad, rebundled and left for work. Despite the snow it was a fairly easy commute. Work was a little stressful this morning due to many people having travel problems getting to work. We made it through though and I got out on time to have my salad before returning back to court. All day today, gurl!! But my afternoon was a buh-reeeeze!! Got all the cases done by 2:40 and headed back upstairs to relax at my desk and do a little work. Came home an took a nap, hung out with my husband and friend and watched Broad City. Broad City, by the way, is everything. The night was good. See you on Day 5! My song of the day, in reference to the snow, is Winter Wonderland by Goldfrapp.

7:30 AM: Water w/ lemon and cayenne
8:00 AM: Green juice
9:00 AM: Green tea with Stevia
10:45 AM: Handful of raw almonds
12:00 PM: Veggie salad
2:30 PM: Handful of raw almonds
3:30 PM: 10 Rice crackers and hummus
5:00 PM: Veggie juice
5:30 PM: Green tea w/ Stevia
9:00 PM: Salad

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