Sunday, March 1, 2015


Almost three years ago I embarked on a journey that taught me a lot about myself, my body and my mind. Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet book blew my mind with its positivity, humor and guts. I have decided that, because last year sucked donkey balls and I've had a hard time getting steady since, that I will once again do the 21-Day Crazy Sexy Cleanse to challenge myself to re-focus. So, starting tomorrow I will eat a raw vegan diet and will give up sugar, wheat, dairy, meat, caffeine and ALCOHOL!! Yes, my beloved martinis will be absent from my life for a minimum of 21 days. They are going to miss me so much!!! The last time I had this adventure (which you can go back and follow by clicking on the 'Crazy Sexy Diet' tag at the bottom of this post or typing 'cleanse' in the search bar ) I came out the other side feeling energetic, light, happy 15 pounds lighter in three weeks without ever being hungry!! It's true! You can read all about it. I do not have an expectation that everything will go exactly the same, but I am excited to get into it again. So starting tomorrow morning, look out world, Wendell is juicing it up!! That sounds gross, but it makes sense for this cleanse. Follow along each day for my Cleanse Daily Diary and I'll bring you along with me. Let's get raw!! That sound bad too, but it makes sense for the cleanse. Oh, and here is my theme song for the next 21 days, Vegetables by The Beach Boys.

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