Sunday, March 22, 2015


Next to last day!! Woke up to a pretty, snowy scene this morning. It was 28 degrees, but supposed to get up to 54 later. Piddled around the apartment for a bit and then went to the gym for a lower body workout accompanied by my husband. We stopped for juice on the way home. We relaxed for a while before heading out to Brooklyn to see our friend in a show (he was a brazen hussy with a beautiful voice) and then headed back in to Manhattan. I picked up a tea on our way to retrieve our juice cleanses for our last juicing day of the 21 day cleanse tomorrow. Yay!! Almost there. We are going to dinner at Candle Cafe West on the UWS tonight, a vegan, fresh-from-the-farm restaurant. It was delish and I had two potato vodka martinis. Goodnight.

9:35 AM: Green Juice
12:00 PM: Summer roll and quinoa pasta w/ veggies
5:30 PM: Mint tea w/ Stevia
7:30 PM: Avocado tartar, Portobello mushroom and spinach paté Vegetarian fajitas

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