Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Got up this morning, had myself a water with lemon and cayenne and headed out to the gym. I did my cardio while watching the finale of Spoils of Babylon. Have you seen that show? It's HILARIOUS!!!! It's on Netflix, so you should check it out. Kristen Wiig! HELLO!! Anyhoo, had a great cardio workout, came home and got my salad ready for lunch. I know that it's technically cold outside, but the wind isn't strong and it's not snowing, so it seems like a heatwave in comparison. I stopped to pick up my green juice on the way to the train and sat on the D train and read my daily inspiration. Got to work safe and sound and made my green tea in my beloved Madonna mug (pictured), put on some Madonna music (duh) and started working at my desk. Rebel Heart is out next Tuesday, y'all!!! Anyway, the morning at work was okay. Not much to do, so I tried to get Madonna pre-sale tickets to no avail. The cheapest ones are $415!!! That's including semi-nose bleed sections! YIKES! I'll try the Citibank pre-sale tomorrow, I suppose. So I trudged through until I could eat my delicious salad for lunch and then had my green tea afterwards. Work in the afternoon was fine. Nothing too exciting, nothing bad. I'd say that's okay. I am a court reporter, by the way. Half of my day is spent at my desk and the other half in court. So there's that. Now you know. It started snowing at some point during the afternoon (I was in a room with no window) so by the time I finished my afternoon work I had to walk home in the snow!! To tell the truth, it wasn't that bad. Got home and had a little snack and got my daily dose of The People's Court. Yes, I have an addiction. Sue me. No, don't. Anyway, day two was pretty freakin' easy. See you tomorrow. Enjoy my song of the day below, Hold Tight from Rebel Heart...and pre-order the album!!!

6:30 AM: Water w/ lemon and cayenne
8:45 AM: Green tea with Stevia
9:30 AM: Water w/ lemon and cayenne
10:45 AM: 10 raw, natural almonds
11:45 AM: Veggie salad w/ raw sauerkraut, nuts and avocado
1:00 PM: Green tea with Stevia
5:15 PM: Rice crackers w/ hummus and green tea with Stevia
8:00  PM: Green juice w/ aloe
9:00 PM: green tea
*again, don't forget to drink water all day

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