Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Decided that mid-week was a good time to sleep in, so I will go to the gym after work today. I slept until 7, got up, had my water with lemon and cayenne and made the wonderful discovery that we had no heat or hot water. BA-SCUSE ME? We JUST got a new boiler in our building, so that doesn't make any sense. After calling the super I got the perfectly logical explanation that the boiler is, "beautiful, but it doesn't work". Apparently the proverbial "they" are on "their" was to fix it. I would have been hopping mad if I had discovered that AFTER the gym. And you don't want to see my mad hopping. Oh, well. I guess my natural scent will have to do for today. My morning started off dramatically with no judge in the part of was assigned to, so someone came down to cover but we couldn't get any attorneys in, so the actually judge showed up about 40 minutes late and we finally started the calendar. UGH!! But, due to my ability to be pushy and bitchy, we finished on time. YAY FOR BITCHES!!! So I came upstairs and had my (if I do say so myself) excellent salad for lunch. I had a fairly uneventful afternoon at work and was desperate to get home and watch last night Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. YES, DESPERATE!! It was good. So there. AND my hot water and heat is back on! Score! I did a lower body workout and then decided to order from Blossom, a great vegan place in our neighborhood, and eat something on the early side so I could have my drink later, which tonight is a green shake instead of juice. I am going to wrap it up for today, but check out my song of the day below, Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney.

7:15 AM: Water w/ lemon and cayenne
9:00 AM: Green tea w/ Stevia
10:30 AM: Handful of raw almonds
12:00 PM: Green salad w/ nuts and ruby red raw sauerkraut
1:30 PM: Green tea w/ Stevia
2:30 PM: 10 Rice crackers with hummus
5:45 PM: Raw vegan burrito from Blossom
7:30 PM: Pau D'Arco tea
9:00 PM: Green Giant shake
*water all day

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