Friday, March 27, 2015


Madonna has released six compilation albums, including two remix albums, over the course of her career: You Can Dance (1987), The Immaculate Collection (1990), Something To Remember (1995), GVH2 (2001), Remixed and Revisited (2003) and Celebration (2009). From those albums there have been added new or previously unreleased material, with the exception of GVH2, which did not contain any extra tracks. Of those six albums, exactly ten new/previously unreleased songs were bestowed upon our hungry earholes. I must say that each and every one of these songs are worthy of being top Madonna singles and, in fact, some of them are. Our Lady knows how to deliver to her adoring fans. Here is my ranking of the new material from each of Madonna's compilation albums. I included the official music video for each song that had an accompanying one. WATCH THEM!! Enjoy and Happy Madonna Friday!!

10. It's So Cool (Celebration)
09. You're Honesty (Remixed and Revisited)
08. One More Chance (Something To Remember)
07. Celebration (Celebration)
06. Spotlight (You Can Dance)
05. I Want You (Something To Remember)
04. Revolver (Celebration)
03. Rescue Me (The Immaculate Collection)
02. You'll See (Something to Remember)
01. Justify My Love (The Immaculate Collection)

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