Wednesday, March 11, 2015


After the delicious homemade meal last night I slept like a dead baby prostitute. That's good, in case you're wondering. Day 10 started with a lower body workout and my daily morning routine. I picked up my juice and went to work. Looking forward to a day that is supposed to have a high of 61 FUCKING DEGREES!!! LIVING!!! My main beyotch at work is doing a one day juice cleanse, so I am riding her ass (not literally for that would be inappropes) about it all day, reminding her to drink water in between and stay positive. She'll live. Morning in court was good, quick and easy. Can't ask for more than that. My afternoon was spent the only way any human should be spending it this wee: listening to Madonna's Rebel Heart on repeat to memorize each and every word. You're doing that, right? The rest of the day went fine and I made it home to snack and watch my Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kim? Am I right?? I decided, since it's finally not as cold as a witch's titty in a brass bra outside, to go out to the bank and pick something up to eat on the way home. I got a great Greek salad and a green juice for later. It was delicious!! Totally vegan and gluten free with almond feta. Yum. It was a pretty great day overall. We are half way done with the 21 days at this point!! Feeling good and ready for more. As a happy bonus, if you are still haven't bought Madonna's new album, Rebel Heart, check out the full album sampler below and then love it and buy it. Byeeeeee!

6:15 AM: Water w/ lemon and cayenne
8:00 AM: Green juice
9:00AM: Green tea w/ Stevia
12:15 PM: Salad
2:15 PM: Green tea w/ Stevia
5:00 PM: Rice crackers w/ hummus
7:30 PM: Greek salad w/ almond feta (so good)
8:30 PM: Green juice

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