Friday, February 14, 2014


In honor of Valentine's Day, this Madonna Friday is all about love. I'm not going with the obvious, ballad love songs. No. I am going for the more playful, upbeat songs that get your heart racing and your ass shaking. We'll start off with Madonna's #3 1986 ode to her then-husband Sean Penn, the doo-wop inspired True Blue. Swoon! Then let's have a little 60s girl group vibe with Cherish, her #2 hit 1989 song from Like a Prayer. Beautiful Stranger is Madonna's groovy tune from Austin Powers that hit the charts in 1999. Finally we have a very toned down Madge in the lovely, flowery video from her (grossly underrated) 2003 album American Life for Love Profusion. Get in the mood, people!!! Happy Valentine's Day and -- more importantly -- Happy Madonna Friday!!

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