Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I am reading all of the vitriol being thrown at Miley for her supposed bad hosting (I didn't watch) of the VMAs and (now debunked) befuddlement during Nicki Minaj's "take down" at said awards show, and I truly believe those are the same people judging Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Pets without listening to a single note of it. This album, released outside of her RCA contract on her own Smiley Miley label for $50,000, is an experimental psychedelic romp, sure, but it is also a solid pop album. The hype around it seems to imply it is weird -- or at least weirder than the average pop album, but if it is, it's not by much. The record has some silly segues between songs, but the songs themselves are solid. There are some really moving moments and some really spacey, wish-you-were-tripping moments on the album as well. Songs like 1 Sun, I Forgive Yiew, Space Boots and Bang Me Box are as fun and accessible as anything on the radio right now (though the last one is pretty naughty for radio play). Meanwhile Karen Don't Be Sad, The Floyd Song (Sunrise) and Something About Space Dude are tender, understated ballads that show an artist growing, writing and expressing herself with a mentor (Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips) helping her find her way. This is a thoughtful, eccentric and powerful statement by a young woman in the music industry. I refuse to believe that the nasty comments have anything to do with the music but everything to do with the artist. Not to say that everyone can't have their own opinion (your wrong), but this is by NO MEANS unlistenable and in many ways more satisfying than her last effort, the grand-pop of Bangerz. Listen to the full album below and judge for yourself. Dooo It! is even more than it's opening lines. Give it a shot. (steps off soapbox)

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