Saturday, November 7, 2009


Here's a movie I bet you thought you'd never see. Variety is reporting that Nicole Kidman will be portraying Einer Wegener, the first post-operative transsexual, in a movie titled The Danish Girl directed by Thomas Alfredson, who brought us Let the Right One In. The film is based on the true story set in 1920s Germany of Einer who was asked by his wife Greta, a portrait painter, to stand in for her when a model does not show up for a session. He slipped into a dress, stocking and other women's apparel which sparked a change in him and eventually lead to his transformation into Lily. The photos became popular and Great had Einer do more, but what starts off as a game turns into something very emotional for Einer and complicates the marriage. Greta will be played by Gwyneth Paltrow (yawn). I am not surprised but very impressed that Kidman would take on the role of playing a trannie. It's great to have a star of her caliber not afraid to take a risk like that. I hope she lays off the botox long enough in advance to make facial expressions, but if she doesn't at least it's only Gwyneth she has to act with in the movie. Nobody looks at Gwyneth anyway, right? Oh, it's just me? GWYNETH PALTROW IS THE DEVIL!!! [source]

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  1. No it is not just you. Gwyneth Paltrow is Skeletor.