Tuesday, March 25, 2014


.....The Sign by Ace of Base. Looking back, maybe Ace of Base was a total cheeseball, but you gotta admit they had some catchy-ass songs. The Sign hit #1 on March 12, 1994, spent four weeks at the top, lost the position to Bump n' Grind by R. Kelly for two weeks and then took #1 again for an additional two weeks. People REALLY liked this song, you guys. The Sign went on to become the #1 single of 1994, the #11 single of the decade, and when Billboard released their top 100 songs of their first 50 years, The Sign was #51 of all the songs in Hot 100 history. Dayum! Not to shabby for a band that is basically an imitation, up-to-date ABBA. Anyway, sit back, relax and try not to bob your head along to this 90s gem. Here is the #1 song from 20 years ago today, The Sign by Ace of Base.

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