Friday, March 14, 2014


Ah, MADONNA-MANIA!! I LIVED IT, I LOVED IT!!! Dress You Up was the 4th single from Madonna's 2nd super successful album Like a Virgin. Dress You Up was my favorite song when I first bought the album and I listened to it ALL OF THE FUCKING TIME!!! This song continued her streak of top 5 Hot 100 hits and was her first live video. This clip is taken from The Virgin Tour and you can see that Madonna's 80's look was in full swing. She didn't quite have her future theatrics down yet, but The Virgin Tour is pretty awesome nonetheless. Dress You Up was added to the "Filthy Fifteen" list of the Parents Music Resource Center (Thanks, Tipper Gore), due to the perceived sexual nature of its lyrics. Hilarious! If only they knew what she had in store later on. Erotica anyone?  A classic 80s song, enjoy Madonna's Dress You Up.

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