Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Sure, technically speaking, Strict Machine is about lab rats in a neuroscience experiment, but it's still sexy as all hell. Folow me here. Goldfrapp always takes on subjects and twists and turns them with music and makes them into something totally different. So yes, all those sexy ads Strict Machine has been used for -- whether they be fragrances or video games, cars, television shows or phones -- are all using a song about genetically modified animals. So there you go. Still, this song is a long sex growl, pounding and throbbing it's way right to where your bathing suit covers, reminiscent of the best Blondie song you can think of mixed with Donna Summer's I Feel Love. Oh, did I mention that the video is sex on a stick? YOUR stick, specifically. Cuz it is. Alison is a Little Red Riding Hood making her way through a fantastical city of Siberian Husky-headed men and psychedelic butterflies.  Top that, bitches! Anyway, before you pants pop with anticipation, here is the video for today's Humpday Sexy Song, Strict Machine by Goldfrapp. And yes, it's fucking Goldfrapp day on this blog. Get over it. MWAH!

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