Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Goldfrapp have always challenged themselves both musically and visually, so it makes sense that they would eventually dip their toes into the world of the cinema. With their latest album, Tales of Us (available on iTunes)  Alison and Will weave together the stories of 10 people, one a deadly stranger, with songs that are dramatic, lyrically impressive and lushly orchestrated. You can read my original review HERE. The film focuses in on five of those stories and, as the Mute website puts it, "Inspired by Goldfrapp’s latest album, Tales Of Us, the striking film is a 30-minute journey through five of the individual stories featured on the album. Stranger, Laurel, Jo, Drew and Annabel interconnect subtly, sharing themes of love, loss, madness and identity, taking the viewer on a unique musical journey." Well put. The film is visually stunning and, of course, the music will move your soul. The film is followed in each city by a special live performance video of songs, both classic and from Tales of Us, that will blow you away. You can actually watch the videos for both Drew and Annabel by clicking the links on their titles. There is a little nudity, so NSFW. They are GORGEOUS! Enjoy the trailer below. There are a few shows left in different cities. If interested go the website for the film HERE and see if Tales of Us is playing near you. In NYC you have one more chance tomorrow, March 27th, at the AMC25 on 42nd Street in Manhattan and Indie Screen in Brooklyn. Both shows are at 8 PM.

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