Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Lady Gaga has announced via her twitter that she has a new single/video coming out soon. There was no video ever released for second single Do What U Want. Reports surfaced that the video for that song was so disturbing that her label refused to release it. One thing that is reported to be part of the video is R. Kelly grabbing a bottle of ARTPOP bbq sauce and pretending to pee on Gaga. I mean, I would like to see that. Sounds fun......ish. Anyhoo!!! We know from early ARTPOP interviews that Gaga already had a video ready for Venus, so it could be that song and video which would sit well with me. I love that song. Looking over fan reaction on twitter it looks like most want Gypsy or G.U.Y. which are both amahzing. I would love for it to be the title track. Either way, I hope Gaga can pull it together a bit after her letting that chick vomit on her at SXSW and before the ARTPOP Ball kicks off.

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