Monday, March 24, 2014


Lady Gaga is doing a very smart thing with her new video for G.U.Y. She is basically rebooting ARTPOP and going for it big time. Since leaving her longtime manager right on the eve if releasing ARTPOP, things have not gone well. The promo for the album was a mess and album sales have been less than stellar. No video was released for second single Do What U Want, or at least never materialized, which certainly limited its success and many assumed that was the end of the ARTPOP era. Well Gaga is not giving up that easy. With the release of this video, which also features three other songs from the album (ARTPOP, Venus and MANiCURE, Gaga is re-introducing ARTPOP and possibly giving it another life. Starting off with Gaga as an angel shot down to earth and wandering to safety, the video really takes off when Venus kicks in and Gaga and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Andy Cohen (as GOD) are hosting a pool party at the Hearst mansion. What? Yes, you read that right. Lisa Vanderpump and the gang are in the video!! Anyway, the rest is a feast for the eyes. Here's hoping this reboot pays off. ARTPOP is really a very, very good album and G.U.Y. is and  excellent song. Watch the video below, directed by Gaga herself. A return to form, I think.

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