Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Now that she has the next couple of years of her life planned, let's focus on Lea's new album she released yesterday, Louder. One of the only REAL vocal albums to be released recently, Louder presents Ms. Lea is fine form, belting out tune after tune and delivering a compelling set of pop songs that are radio ready. Mostly full of power ballads with a couple of piano ballads and some beats thrown in, Louder delivers on Lea's promising pop-chops she shows covering other artists on Glee. First single Cannonball, co-written by hit-maker Sia Furler, is a powerful statement of coming through tragedy that was recorded after the death of Lea's boyfriend Cory Montieth. There are many heart-pounding songs on the album, like the churning On My Way and the title track. Celine-worthy ballads abound in the form of the gorgeous You're Mine and album highlights, the gutsy Burn With You and the exquisite What Is Love?. These songs take off with vocals that will put to shame all other so-called pop divas recording today. Lea also co-wrote the amazing If You Say So with Sia Furler and it's dedicated to Corey. It will rip your heart out. Overall, I would say that Lea Michele has some vocal performance Grammys in her future, if there is justice in this pop world. Quite a stellar debut for a performer with the potential to become a huge star. You can pick up Louder on iTunes now. Below are two videos with Lea Michele listening to snippets of and talking about each song on the album and the story behind them. Enjoy and get Louder today!!!

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