Monday, March 3, 2014


He has produced and appeared on so many songs by others that you might not realize that Pharrell Williams has only released one solo album prior to his most recent album G I R L, 2006's In My Mind. The critics and record buying public did not exactly go crazy for that album and Pharrell himself has expressed his displeasure with it. This time around, Williams took his time, worked with artists he liked and the results are a fun, funky and uplifting album. Starting off the album with a flourish of strings, Marilyn Monroe is P's ode to lovers and all the women out there. It's a great start to the record and immediately puts both of Justin's last albums in their place. Speaking of which, Justin guests on the album on Brand New, although he does not outshine our tiny beat master. Since Pharrell has produced almost every hit you've heard in the past ten years, it's no surprise this album is chock-full of hits. Gush is pure Michael Jackson Rock With You, sexy and confident. Of course, we all know Happy and are in love with it and it hits #1 on the Hot 100 right as the album is released. Come and Get It Bae features Miley Cyrus and take on some of her country twang to great effect, much like the Pharrell produced 4X4 on Cyrus' album Bangerz. Gust of Wind is a smooth, breezy track with Daft Punk. Another retro-tastic throw back to early MJ and it's an album highlight for sure. Lost Queen is an almost eight-minute opus that fills every moment with beats and lyrics worth the time. Take note, Justin. Don't just do an album of 10 minutes songs for no reason, girl. Know Who You Are is almost ruined by Alicia Keys. But then again, everything is almost ruined by Alicia Keys. That's all I'm going to say about that. It Girl closes out the album with a shot of funk and disco that sends you off into a booty shaking dreamland. I can't wait to see what the next single will be. Pharrell is finally getting his center stage spotlight and he is going to take advantage. I am guessing this will be a big summer album. Enjoy.

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