Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Somehow, after six seasons of using the expression "You've Got She-Mail" on RuPaul's Drag Race, the trans community is up in arms about it. Out of nowhere. Logo decided to edit out the popular, tongue-in-cheek phrase from future shows, but RuPaul is having none of it. The Queen Mama was asked about the word "tranny", which she uses on the show as well, and which some in the trans community are bothered by, even though Ru has been a tireless supporter of ALL LGBT communities throughout her career, and this is what Ru had to say:
"No, it is not the transsexual community. These are fringe people who are looking for story lines to strengthen their identity as victims. That is what we’re dealing with. It’s not the trans community, because most people who are trans have been through hell and high water and they know -- they've looked behind the curtain at Oz and went, 'Oh, this is all a f**king joke. But, some people haven't... You know, if your idea of happiness has to do with someone else changing what they say, what they do, you are in for a f**king hard-ass road."

AAAAND what? Then Logo decided to get real cute and issue a statement of their own when asked about Ru's response to criticism:
"We are committed to supporting the entire LGBT community and will not feature any anti-trans rhetoric on our shows."

Well, Ru doesn't get cute, she gets drop dead gorgeous, so when she found out that reports were getting out that Logo was "distancing" itself from RuPual, Ru put out this GENIUS statement:

Trust, indeed! If anyone thinks RuPaul is transphobic, they are complete idiots. RuPaul has been a tireless defender and proud member of the LGBT community throughout her career and the fact that it took this "activists" SIX seasons to even notice that the phrase was a part of the show goes to show they have know idea who Ru is or what she stands for. I'll leave you with a little tidbit of wisdom from RuPaul herself:

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