Friday, May 30, 2014


"Nothing like a good spanky". Oh, my! You saucy little whore!!! Madonna's 1990 album, I'm Breathless (Music from and inspired by the film Dick Tracy) has many, many gems on it, but Hanky Panky was something of a naughty standout. The album featured three songs by Broadway master composer Stephen Sondheim and the rest of the track listing was filled out mostly by songs written by Madonna and long-time collaborator Patrick Leonard. Hanky Panky is a saucy tale of a girl who enjoys a little sadism in her life. The song, like all the songs except Vogue on the album, is in the big band, Broadway, jazzy style to match the film Dick Tracy in which Madonna played the sexy Breathless Mahoney. In short, it rocks!! Hanky Panky was released in the summer of 1990 as the second single, following Vogue, from I'm Breathless and quickly rose to #10 on the Hot 100. No video was made for the song, but this is the performance from Madonna's legendary Blond Ambition Tour. So good you'll want a spanky yourself! Now spend the rest of the day listening to Madonna or you're a heathen. "My bottom hurts just thinking about it".

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