Wednesday, May 14, 2014


One of the sexiest songs of all time, Donna Summer originally wrote Dim All The Lights for none other than Rod Stewart! At the last minute she changed her mind and decided to record it herself, eventually reaching #2 on the Hot 100 in late 1979. Dim All The Lights, from her massively successful Bad Girls album, is the only hit single that Summer had written all by herself. The song starts off with a sexy, slow groove and eventually leads into a sustained, heavenly high note (the longest held note, at 16 seconds, by a female artist in Top 40 history) and a disco groove. DATL has its share of risque lyrics as well, like in the bridge, "Do what you want. You can use me all up. Take me bottom to top. Don't leave even one drop. No, no, no. Do it tonight. You know the moments so right. Turn my brown body white. Come on dim all the lights." You little vixen!! For sure one of the sexiest songs of Donna's career, and that is saying something, and one of the sexiest songs to ever hit the Hot 100, here is Dim All The Lights. Hump a victrola.

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