Thursday, December 19, 2013


And now to the good stuff. Here is the first of four posts I will do to break down my top 20 songs of 2013. What a year it was. Plenty of one hit wonders racking it up this year and many legendary artists contributing some very fine singles to their already great cannon of hits. I base this on my personal playlist, the number of times I listened to the songs, the way they moved me, the memories attached to them and, of course, their amaziness. The first installment is notable for having not one, not two, but THREE drag queens represent!! Not to shabby. There is also a creepy but catchy date rape anthem, a living legend and one of the best musical groups of all time. Here we go with numbers 20 through 16. Enjoy.

20. Lick It Lollipop - RuPaul ft. Lady Bunny
19. Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke
18. Call Me On The Ouija Board - Sharon Needles
17. Drew - Goldfrapp

16. Take It Like a Man - Cher

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