Thursday, April 24, 2014


Avril Lavigne is still a thing, y'all!! As a matter of fact, although Hello Kitty, her latest single off of her 2013 self-titled album (yes, that happened too), is pretty catchy, even if it sounds like something a Disney kid should be singing. The controversy surrounding the the release is not with the song though, it is with the Japanese culture inspired video. Many have stated that Avril's video is racist and exploits Japanese people and culture. Lavigne is laughing off such criticism via her twitter.

While I personally don't think she is at all making fun of or belittling Japanese "Kawaii" culture...THIS JUST IN: I'm not Japanese. It's not really for me to say. I think she was inspired by the culture and wrote a song and made a video to reflect that respect. This is pretty much a repeat of Gwen Stefani's album Love. Angel. Music. Baby. from 2004 and her use of "Harajuku Girls". Many people were offended by her appropriation of Japanese culture and fashion, but both of these artists are very popular in Japan. Is it just a reflection of their acknowledging those fans? As for the song and video, they are bright and catchy, but Avril is 29. Seems a little immature. What do you think? Is this video racist?

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