Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Tina Turner is a timeless sex goddess and legendary rock goddess, so it only makes sense that a few of her songs are Humpday anthems. Case in point is Tina's 1996 song Whatever You Want from her excellent Wildest Dreams album. It was released as a single after Tina's James Bond theme Golden Eye (YAAAAS!) and has a similar feel to it. Whatever You Want was written by, among others, none other than 80s/90s songstress  Taylor Dayne and it boasts some awesomely sexy production by Trevor Horn. Of course, Tina was only about 56 (almost 57) when this song came out, so naturally she's in a body suit in the Stephane Sednaoui directed video. WHAT? Girl is looking S-N-A-T-C-H-E-D in this clip, y'all. It's very Tron, but with a sexy, strong black woman giving you legs for days. This song is, in my opinion -- which, to be clear, is all that matters -- one of Tina's best ever. Enjoy Whatever You Want and hump a 56 year old today. No. Wait. Don't. Ask first.

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