Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's official (like it wasn't anyway), Lady Gaga will debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 with Born This Way. The set has officially moved 1,108,000 in it's first week. That makes it only the 17th album in history to sell more than 1 million in the first week of release. Gaga is only the fifth woman to reach that mark (Britney Spears' Oops...I Did it Again in 2000, Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard soundtrack in 1992, Norah Jones' Feels Like Home in 2004 and Taylor Swift's Speak Now in 2010). The record for the highest selling first week for a woman in Spears' Oops...I Did It Again with 1,319,000. Gaga's first week is all the more impressive since album sales are not nearly what they used to be. Before Swift did it in 2010, the last time an album hit 1 million in it's first week was 50 Cent's The Massacre in 2005. Gaga's total downloads from all digital retailers was 662,000. That is the biggest week for a digital album in SoundScan history and represents 60% of the Born This Way's overall first week. Work it out, Gaga!!! I knew this would happen. The album is excellent and Gaga worked her ass off promoting it. If you don't have the album yet, SHAME ON YOU!!! It's so good!!!!!!!!! Congrats, Mother Monster. You deserve it. [Source]

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