Thursday, June 2, 2011


In fact, she says it's not worth more than 99 cents. She explains to the Wall Street Journal when asked if she was upset by the pricing:
"No. I absolutely do not, especially for MP3s and digital music. It's invisible. it's in space. If anything, I applaud a company like Amazon for equating the value of digital versus the physical copy, and giving the opportunity to everyone to buy music... It also wasn't really 99 cents, because Amazon paid the difference on all of those purchases as part of their promotional campaign for one of their new services," she said. "I think it's amazing and it was a really nice surprise and I felt honored that they chose my record to be part of it."
Wow. Good for her. Of course, it also boosted sales, although the digital sales were not the majority of the albums' units sold. It's a really good point to make. The price of music got WAY out of control for a few years and digital music costs nothing to distribute, so why not make it as cheap as possible. Maybe then people will start buying full albums again like they used to instead of just singles. Artists with tons of #1 songs like Katy Perry and Rihanna barely sell albums at all. Gaga is one of the very few album-based artists around these days.
On another note, Born This Way will definitely be atop the Billboard 200 next week. It's estimated that the album will clear at least 200,000 next week. While that's a big drop-off, it's normal for an album that sells huge numbers in his initial week of release. Born This Way sold 1.11 million, in case you didn't know. 200,000 is more than most #1s sell in their first week, so Gaga is still killing it. Also, once all the haters actually LISTEN to the disc, I think they'll end up buying it too. So there. Speaking of which, listen to my fave song from the new disc below: Government Hooker. It's AMAZY!!!! [source]

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