Sunday, June 5, 2011


Some artists considered one-hit wonders by some people, I remember differently. As a child I was glued to the radio at all times, so even though these artists may not have had HUGE success with other singles, I would consider them classics as much as their smash records. For instance.....

a-ha: Sure, a-ha hit it big with Take On Me. The pretty boys from Norway took over MTV and the charts in 1985, hitting #1 with the song, BUT I was in love with their follow up single, The Sun Always Shines on TV. It's dramatic and intense and the guys look hot in the video, which is a sort-of sequel to Take On Me. Sun hit actually hit #20 on the Hot 100, but few remember it. Check it out, beyotches.

a-ha - The Sun Always Shines On TV by jpdc11

Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance was massive. The new-wave band from Canada hit the top 10 hard with the song in 1983. It is a staple of the 80s, but do you remember Pop Goes the World? It's my fave Men Without Hats song. Don't get me wrong, Safety Dance is AWESOME, but the simple beats and bridge of Pop makes me swoon. The song hit #20 in the US in 1987, but didn't have the same lasting impact as Safety. Boo. Listen and love.

Toni Basil - Toni is best remembered for her iconic, beloved 80s classic Mickey. The song was a monster hit reaching #1 in 1982. The other song I really, really love by Toni was Over My Head. A much more new-wavey sound, Toni barely cracked the Hot 100 with Over My Head, reaching only #81, but the video, featuring Toni's signature dance style (yes, those moves DID come from her), put her firmly back on MTV and I remember it fondly. Check it.

Stacey Q - I would not consider my beloved Stacey Q a one-hit wonder, but I'll admit most people only know the mega-hit Two of Hearts. Stacey did in fact hit the charts again a couple, though nothing as significant. My fave is the #35 hit We Connect. From the same album as Two of Hearts, 1986's Better Than Heaven, We Connect is effervescent pop at it's most 80s-ish. Here it is.

So there you have it: a few of my at-least-two-hit wonders here in the US. Do you remember these songs? I hope I'm not alone. Enjoy your Sunday!

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