Thursday, January 10, 2013


I am a life-long (almost) fan of Eurythmics. As an embryo (ahem, what?) I bought their album Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) and I never quit loving those bitches. Some of their songs are among my faves of all time: Love Is A Stranger, Who's That Girl, Here Comes the Rain Again, Would I Lie to You?, There Must Be An Angel (Playing with My Heart), Missionary Man, Angel, I Need A Man, Thorn In My Side, Don't Ask Me Why, Peace....etc. Convinced? So today I want to share with you some Eurythmics songs that only some diehard fans would know about: B-sides!!!! Yes, songs that were not on albums but on the "b-side" of singles. See how that works? Sometimes I just feel the need to spell it out for you. These are covers that Annie and Dave did back in the day and I thought you might like to hear how Eurythmics interpret others' work. Well, what do you think? Here ya go.

My Guy (Originally My Girl by The Temptations)

Hello, I Love You (Originally by The Doors)

Come Together (Originally by The Beatles)

Fame (Originally by David Bowie)

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