Friday, September 28, 2012


Madonna surprised fans on her 2006 Confessions Tour by performing her 1992 hit Erotica. Not necessarily because she doesn't perform it much, but because she used the original, unreleased version that was called You Thrill Me for the most part. The sexy, pumped up version of Erotica has a more disco beat, equally suggestive lyrics and Madonna performed a steamy tango to accompany it. The original demo of the song was leaked on the internet in 2008. I have always loved the song Erotica and the album Erotica, as far as I'm concerned, is a pop masterpiece unsurpassed by any other Madonna album. Yes. I said it. It was a statement about the sexualization of our culture in the 1990s and a statement by Madonna about the press being obsessed with her sex life. She just laid it all out for them, fantasies and all. Some critics and fans were put off by the sexual undertones of Erotica and the Sex book that accompanied its release, but I thought it was absolute pop culture perfection. Still do. So here is your Madonna Friday treat, the live version of Erotica from the amazing Confessions Tour. Enjoy.

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