Thursday, January 15, 2015


What can I possibly say about Eurythmics, the UK synth/rock sensation, that hasn't already been said. They are icons. They are flawless. They are everything. Before Annie Lennox set out on her stellar solo career, she and her partner/sometimes lover Dave Stewart's musical child, Eurythmics, set the charts on fire around the world. They have sold an estimated 75 million albums worldwide, won an three Ivor Novella awards, a Grammy, a BRIT and have been inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame. Their influence is apparent in almost any artist since their 80s pinnacle and their songs are classics of pop. They became famous with their stark, cold synth sound laid under Lennox' beautiful, emotional alto and then switched gears to a more rock sound in the mid-80s. They ventured between the two sounds, adding elements of electronic and acoustic in between, with subsequent albums. I just want to share some of my fave videos of Eurythmics today, of which there are MANY. Brilliant, innovative and iconic, these are Eurythmics. I'm starting with their rare, first single from the underrated first album, In the Garden, Never Gonna Cry Again, and taking you through each album with my fave videos. Enjoy.

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