Friday, January 30, 2015


Madonna is the perfect antidote for a cold day!! This Madonna Friday I bring you an amazing performance of her song Frozen, live from the Drowned Word Tour. Madonna's Drowned World Tour in 2001 was her fifth world tour and was in support of both her Ray of Light and Music albums. It experimented with many themes including cyber-punk, cowgirl, Spanish, ghetto and the theme she is embodying in this section, Geisha. The tour went on to become the highest grossing tour of 2001 by a solo artist, earning $76.8 million from only 47 shows in North America and Europe. And Madonna's remained the fiercest bitch in all the world. DUH! Frozen is, of course, one of Madonna's most recognizable ballads and marked a change in her sound and image upon its release. Now grab a warm beverage, hunker down and warm up with Frozen. Happy Madonna Friday!

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