Thursday, October 2, 2014


So bad they needed two "D"s. Color Me Badd was, without a doubt, a popular group in 1991 and 1992. They had a hit album, C.M.B., two consecutive #1 singles and six Hot 100 hits off their debut album. Then nothing. What happened? Where did they go? Who the hell cares? All I know is that these four boys from Oklahoma City (L to R: Braids Guy, Bizarro Kenny G, Bizarro George Michael and Bizarro Vanilla Ice.....I don't know their real names and can't muster the energy to care) harmonized their was to the top of the charts and the panties of girls who had completely given up on their standards. Ah, the 90s. Nevertheless, their songs did hit a nerve with the record-buying public and their debut single, I Wanna Sex You Up, hit #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the summer of 1991, spending four weeks there and eventually becoming the #2 song of 1991. Following that success the band scored two #1 singles in a row with I Adore Mi Amor (2 weeks in the fall) and All 4 Love (one week in January 1992). The album C.M.B. birthed three more Hot 100 songs with Thinkin' Back (#13) Heartbreaker (#57) and Slow Motion (#15) but Color Me Badd never really caught fire again. They had some more Hot 100 singles, and ever one top 20 hit with The Earth, The Sun, The Rain (#19, 1996) but that was it from the boys. Two of the members (Vanilla Ice and George Michael) reemerged in 2010 to tour as Color Me Badd, but....well....yeah. Let's just say they did not age very well. ANYHOO, don't dwell on that. Here are the three big barn burners that Color Me Badd graced us with in the early 90s. These videos are GOLD!! And yes, I will admit, these songs are pretty much jams. There. I said it. Enjoy and throwback some Thursday!

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