Monday, October 20, 2014


I mean, how happy is this song, right? Spice Girls aren't exactly known for somber, indie tracks, but this song has butterflies flitting out of it's a-hole to get your rump shaking on a Monday morning. Released October 13, 1997, Spice Up Your Life was the first single off of the girls' second album, Spiceworld. Perhaps the happiest thing about this song, at least for their fans, is that most critics had their knives sharpened for a backlash and gave the song bad reviews, but the bright, Latin-inspired ditty danced its way into the hearts of millions and helped Spiceworld go on to sale 20 million albums worldwide and made their movie, Spice World, a huge success. Spice Up Your Life was their fifth consecutive #1 single in the UK, debuting at the peak position and knocking Elton John's Candle In The Wind 1997 from the top spot. So here it is, the reason to get up and shake your booty this Monday morning. Enjoy!

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