Friday, October 17, 2014


You're welcome! In case you are not a die-hard Madonna fan like myself, you may not know some of these songs. Well, mo'fo', you're about to get educated. OOOH, I love me when I get all rough. I would like to share with you my favorite tracks from each of Madonna's thirteen albums (I'm including I'm Breathless because everyone should) that was not released as a single.  Starting with her self-titled debut album, Physical Attraction is a sexy, girlish come on that was somehow not deemed appropriate for radio. From Like A Virgin I always really, really love Stay. It was adapted from a song Madonna wrote a few years before and closes out the album with a sexy urgency. White Heat is a standout track from True Blue, using old school gangster movies as a metaphor for love. The confessional tone of Like A Prayer yielded the beautiful, heartbreaking, emotional ode to Madonna's mother Promise To Try. I'm Breathless: Songs from and inspired by the film Dick Tracy opens with a bang thanks to the sassy, sexy He's A Man, a torch song for the ages, that fits right in with the songs penned by Stephen Sondheim for the film. Erotica was packed full of potential singles, but the most surprising omission for chart consideration is the brazen, tough Bye Bye Baby. Bedtime Stories contains one of Madonna's most luscious ballads ever with Forbidden Love. An electronic ballad (maybe the first) called Little Star holds a special place on Ray of Light as it was written about her then newborn (now 18 year-old) daughter, Lourdes. Even Madonna didn't understand why her record label wouldn't release the amazing Impressive Instant from the album Music, so she refused to promote any more singles from the album. Nobody Knows Me seemed obvious for release off of American Life, as did Forbidden Love (not to be confused with the track from Bedtime Stories) from Confessions on a Dance Floor, but both were passed over for other singles. 2008's Hard Candy had a slew of urban-friendly radio hits-in-waiting, but possibly the best was the Kanye-assisted, Pharrell produced Beat Goes On. Finally the raw power of Addicted from MDNA, in my opinion, should have been the album's first single. Okay, I hope I opened your eyes to some Madonna deep cuts. Listen below!!! Happy Madonna Friday!

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