Friday, October 3, 2014


.......Music!! Madonna scored her 12th #1 single with the euro-tastic beats of Music. The first single from the album of the same name, Music was produced by French producer/songwriter Mirwais Ahmadzai, who has continued to work with Madonna to this day. From the opening line of "hey, Mr. DJ. Put a record on. I wanna dance with my baby" it was clear that we were not going to hear a retread of Ray of Light. This album is edgier and darker and had a very European, electro-disco feel. Music hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on September 16, 2000 and remained for four consecutive weeks. It was praised by critics and fans alike as a return to simple, straightforward dance music of Madonna's early days, like Holiday and Into the Groove. The video was directed by Jonas Akerlund and featured a five-month pregnant Madonna along with besties Niki Harris and Debi Mazar and the fresh-faced comedian Sasha Baron Cohen, who was not well known in the US yet. Anyway, this song definitely changed the pop landscape upon its release and showed all the little girls riding her coattails who was still boss. Madonna. Here's Music. It really does make the people come together. Happy Madonna Friday!!

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